Olympus Tutorial: Tips and Tricks for Success

Olympus Tutorial: Tips and Tricks for Success
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Don't let Olympus be your Achilles' heel. This obstacle always ranks high on dishing out burpees, and the community is always asking us for more training and tips and tricks to beat it.

We've put together this blog to make sure you have the ultimate technique. Click here to see our blog on training. for this obstacle.

Olympus Obstacle Hacks

Basic Rules:

    • Get from one side to the other.
    • Don't touch the ground.
    • Don't grab the top of the wall.
    • Take as much time as you need.
    • Ring the bell.

Overview of Olympus Tips

  1. See what makes you stick. If you watched the above video you might have already picked out some of the key movement patterns at play when doing this obstacle. You need to pull your feet into that wall, and at all costs, hold. There is a sitting motion that creates the 'hold' to the wall.
  2. Drop your butt. If you don't get low and sink those hips, you won't be able to leverage your feet into the wall and support your weight.
  3. Try the chains. These allow you to sink lower with your hips and to give you greater leverage to hold yourself up with your legs.
  4. Don't rush. If you can comfortably hold yourself up in this obstacle by positioning your body correctly, don't feel compelled to fly across the obstacle. Commit, but don't rush. You might lose your footing or grip.