Hercules Hoist Training: A Week of Workouts for a Stronger Upper Body

Hercules Hoist Training: A Week of Workouts for a Stronger Upper Body

The Hercules Hoist isn't going anywhere in the Spartan Race. Get ready for it by doing the following week of training to the best of your abilities. We write our workouts so that they can be scaled for all levels easily. Do as many reps as you feel comfortable.  Designed to use the most minimal amount of gear, these workouts can always be performed outdoors and will have you smiling when you come up to the Hercules Hoist.

Hercules Hoist Obstacle Training

Day 1


  1. Dead Hang - 4 Min Accumulated Time
  2. 15 Shoulder Press (Dumbbells, Band, Sandbag, Rock, etc)
  3. 12 Lateral Raise (Dumbbells, Band, Sandbag, Rock, etc)
  4. 40 Push Up Position Shoulder Tap
  5. 20 High Row (light weight)
  6. Repeat x3

Day 2


  1. < 30 Seconds Jumping Jacks
  2. 30 Seconds Switch Kicks
  3. 30 Seconds Butt Kicks
  4. 30 Seconds Power Squats
  5. 12 Diamond Pushups
  6. 12 Sandbag Press
  7. 12 Elevated Push ups
  8. 3x20 Bench Dips
  9. Repeat 4x

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Day 3


  1. 20 Kettlebell Deadlifts
  2. 4x10 Eccentric Pull-Ups
  3. 4x Farmer’s ISO Holds
  4. 20 Superman w/1-second ISO hold
  5. 10 Assisted Pull-Up
  6. Repeat 3x

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Day 4


  1. 1-2 mile run
  2. 5 x 1 min plank (superset)
  3. 5 x 50 mountain climbers
  4. Rest 45 sec
  5. Repeat 3x

Day 5


  1. 10 Squat Jumps
  2. 10 Side Lunges each leg
  3. 20 Box Jump
  4. 10 Hip Raises
  5. 40 yard Bear Crawl
  6. Repeat 4x

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Day 6


Day 7

Rest Day

This week of training was designed by Eric Shipper, a hardcore Spartan and personal trainer.

Performed by Francheska Martinez @Francheskafit  Austin, TX, Functional Movement Coach, ANIMAL FLOW Instructor, ONNIT Kettlebell + Durability Certified UCF Exercise + Sports Science

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