Spartan FIT Coach Q&A: Meg Reardon Will Help You Channel Your Inner Competitor

Spartan FIT Coach Q&A: Meg Reardon Will Help You Channel Your Inner Competitor
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In this Spartan Fit franchise, we sit down with our Spartan FIT Coaches to get their best fitness advice and discover what makes them tick. Next up: Meg Reardon. Her no-gimmicks approach leads to results—period.

Work hard, play hard is one way to sum up Queens, New York-based Spartan FIT Master Coach Meg Reardon’s approach to life. The 28-year-old is all about tough full-body workouts that push your limits and leave you feeling accomplished—and probably dripping with sweat. But when she’s not working out, you can catch her sipping “boujee” coffee or trying new cookie spots. “I love sweets and do not cut those out of my lifestyle completely, but everything in moderation,” she says. 

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Meg has competed in CrossFit since 2014 and has her Level 1 and Level 2 certifications in the sport. See what it’s like to train with Meg for yourself—her workouts are live on the Spartan Fit app. But first, get to know her more here: 

Q&A with Fitness Coach Meg Reardon 

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On Training, Performance & Fitness Philosophy

SPARTAN RACE: What’s your training philosophy?

I like to do HIIT-style bodyweight workouts. That means hard intervals and short periods of rest. 

MEG REARDON: What about when it comes to nutrition?

I follow a set number of macros (proteins, carbs, fat) which helps me because it allows me to see what nutrients I’m consuming in each meal.

SR: What inspires you?

MR: Seeing someone willing to get uncomfortable, push their limits, and work hard every day. 

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SR: What fitness trends are on your radar? 

MR: I don’t think there are any trends. I think the only way to see results is through hard work and consistency. It doesn’t have to be complex, just show up and do the work. 

On The Mental Game & Recovery

fitness coach meg reardon

SR: How do you work on your mental fitness? 

MR: I work on my mental game by meditating, visualizing what I want to accomplish when I compete, and working with a mental coach. 

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SR: What does a recovery day look like for you? 

MR: A recovery day usually consists of me doing longer cardio to flush my body and a lot of recovery work including cupping, soft tissue work, chiropractic work, and eating a lot of good food!

SR: What does being Spartan FIT mean to you?

MR: Being Spartan FIT means coming in to every workout with your best attitude and ready to work. With a positive mindset and a willingness to learn, you can absolutely become your best self.

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