Spartan FIT Coach Q&A: Jay Markland Will Show You ALL of the Tricks of His Trade

Spartan FIT Coach Q&A: Jay Markland Will Show You ALL of the Tricks of His Trade
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In this Spartan Fit franchise, we sit down with our Spartan FIT Coaches to get their best fitness advice and discover what makes them tick. Next up: Jay Markland—work out with him on the Spartan FIT app, and he’ll turn you into a fitness phenom.

If you’re looking for a coach who has tried and tested pretty much every type of fitness himself, Jay Markland is your guy. I developed my own approach to training by trying almost everything myself,” he says. “You name it, I've done it.”

And if he can’t show you how, he’ll direct you to someone who can. That’s another thing to know about Jay—he’s not one to oversell something. I'm humble as they come, or so I have been told, so that's what I named my company: Be Humble Movement.”

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The self-proclaimed 39-going-on-20-year-old lives in midtown Manhattan and, in addition to being a strength & conditioning coach, is a boxing trainer and professional fighter. 

Get to know Jay in the Q&A below, and train with him on the Spartan Fit app

Q&A with Fitness Coach Jay Markland 

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On Training, Performance & Fitness Philosophy

SPARTAN RACE: What’s your training philosophy?

JAY MARKLAND: The way I approach fitness is similar to how I approach certain things in life. Life, I think about longevity. Fitness, If you fail to plan you plan [to fail]. I always ask my clients and myself: What's your purpose for training? Is it for your health, a sport, the summer bod, or the wedding next weekend? Know your why.

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SR: What about when it comes to nutrition? 

JM: Once you've figured out how to track your macros and know your body type, do what I do: Eat for fuel, not just for fun. Have what you crave, just learn how to portion control.

SR: What inspires you?

JM: I'm inspired by everyone. The fact that you can get up every morning and decide to be human, you're motivating and inspiring someone you don't even know exists, is inspiring to me.

SR: If there was one thing you could change about the fitness industry, what would it be?

JM: Nothing, really. But, the industry is always changing and we [should] all stick together so we [can] learn from one another. 

SR: What trends do you see bubbling in fitness? 

JM: Everyone's tracking their sleep for training and or performance. I believe this will last a long time.

On The Mental Game & Recovery

fitness coach jay markland

SR: What does a recovery day look like for you?

JM: My recovery day is spent walking with family, reading a book, writing programs, skating, or riding a bike.

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SR: How do you work on your mental fitness? 

JM: Boxing and meditation is my favorite way to relax mentally.

SR: What does being Spartan FIT mean to you?

Spartan FIT is the whole Enchilada. To me, Spartan FIT means you have got to have it all: guts, bravery, conditioning, and strength.

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