The #NoExcuses Weeklong Spartan Workout Plan

The #NoExcuses Weeklong Spartan Workout Plan

When in doubt, do one of the following Spartan workouts. By having these in your head, you are more likely to enact them with your body if you have the time and you feel inspired. These workouts can be scaled to all levels. They can be as hard or easy as you want. Just adjust rep and set counts. These can even be done alongside another Spartan who may be operating at another skill level. They are designed that way.

The #NoExcuses Spartan Workouts to Get in Killer Shape

Monday: Spartan Abs 300

Warm Up: Dynamic warm-up Run/cycle/row/jump rope 5 minutes

Main Set: 10 Sit-ups 10 Hanging leg raises 10 Sit-ups 10 Mountain climbers 10 Sit-ups 30-60 second Plank 10 Burpees

Repeat to fatigue

Cool Down: Stretch

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Tuesday: Unbreakable Hill Climbs

Warm Up: Dynamic warm up Run/cycle/row/jump rope 5 minutes

Main Set:

Run 5-10 minutes intervals on the steepest hills you can find Walk 3 minutes to recover Repeat hill interval 2 more times for a total of 3 sets, totaling 15-30 minutes of climbing time

Cool Down: Stretch

Wednesday: The Spartan 15

Warm Up: 75 Jumping jacks 75 Seal jacks

Main Set:

3 x 15 Bodyweight squats 3 x 15 Burpees 3 x 15 Jumping lunges 5 x 15-yard Bear crawl

Run 15 minutes at high intensity

Thursday: Recovery Day

Take care of your mind and practice meditation

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Friday: The Spartan 30

Warm Up: Dynamic warm up Run/cycle/row/jump rope 5 minutes

Main Set: 30 seconds Mountain climbers 30 seconds Recovery 30 seconds Burpees 30 seconds Recovery

Cool Down: Stretch

Saturday: Long Run + Burpees

Warm Up: Dynamic warm up

Main Set: Run 30-60 minutes at an easy to moderate pace with 10-30 burpees every 10 minutes

Cool Down: Stretch

Sunday: Recovery Day

Stretch, rest, roll and try these yoga recovery poses perfect for any Spartan in training

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