Best Spartan Race Gear for Independence Day

Best Spartan Race Gear for Independence Day
Presented by Spartan Training®

For most people, reinvention happens only once a year, on New Year's. But why limit your potential? Isn't the 4th of July an equally good time to launch a campaign of self-improvement? Independence Day is nothing if not a day for dramatic gestures intent on seizing your new, better self.

With that, here are our favorite fit-friendly items from the Spartan store to help you in your journey. May they serve you well through sweat, mud, and reinvention.

ShakerBottle __Spartan Race Shaker Cup __ This training essential gives you clump-free protein smoothies on the go. Just mix your powders and liquids together inside the cup, and shake it while you're walking to the squat rack. $16.99

Hat Spartan '47 OHT Gordie Clean Up Operation Hat Trick (OHT) is designed to help veterans by donating to organizations that support wounded service members. Show your support with the '47 OHT Gordie Clean Up. $30

Gripglove Fit Four Spartan OCR Slit-Grip Race Gloves You'll appreciate the extra traction anytime you have to rely on grip to heft your body weight. Consider this your edge in the struggle against monkey bars, the multi-rig, and the rope climb. $40

Headphones Panasonic SMART WINGS Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Sweat-proof, rain-proof, and primed to deliver up to 70 minutes of playback per charge, Panasonic's Smart Wings are an outdoor enthusiast's best training tool. They sound fantastic, and with external LED lights, they also help you stay safe on nighttime runs. $199.99

BeastBucket __Spartan in a Bucket Training Kit—Beast Edition __ The ultimate training tool gives you a 50-pound pancake, metal tip for making a spear, climbing rope, agility cones, a 5-gallon bucket (with no handle, of course), and more. $135

Tomtom TomTom Spark 3 Cardio TomTom has put its famous GPS tracking technology into a wearable that does it all. The Spark 3 Cardio is a step counter, a heart-rate monitor, and and an activity tracker. It's even waterproof, so you can use it during swims. $189.99

Ultrapack Spartan Ultra Race Day Pack Fill the bladder with water to stay hydrated during races, and use the dry-storage space to hold your nutrition bars, goos, and anything you might need once you cross the finish line. $129