The Best Gifts for the Spartan in Your Life

The Best Gifts for the Spartan in Your Life

If there’s one holiday that celebrates Spartan best, it’s Christmas. Think about it: Saint Nick darting across rooftops, hauling that bag of gifts, dropping down (and then climbing up) chimneys. The guy’s fitness should be the envy of all Spartans. And to help us all get inspired to be Santa fit (we’re talking about the power and stamina, not the belly), here are the best gifts the Spartan store has to offer.

Spartan Holiday Trifecta Ornament

A little Spartan decor lets Santa know that, if you wanted to, you could also scale houses and drop down chimneys. $11

Trifecta Paracord Bracelet

This is awesome for anyone who's completed a Trifecta (pictured) or Beast (available here). $12 to $16

Groove Life Silicone Spartan Ring

Available for both men and women, these silicone bands are a safe alternative to wearing metal wedding rings during races or intense training. $35

Spartan Race Medal Display Rack

Instead of letting the medals pile up, put them where they can serve as a daily reminder of the hard work it takes to become a Spartan. $25

Spartan Beast Knit Beanie

A dash of Spartan style adds intensity to winter workouts. $18

Panasonic Spartan Wings

The perfect training headphones are waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled, and upgraded with flashing LED lights that make runners easy to see on nighttime runs. $159

Spartan Venue Poster

Twenty iconic race cities have received display-worthy art treatment. Click through to see if your Spartan city made the cut. $32/each

Delta Trifecta Plate and Stand

It's the ultimate desk accessory. $24 for Plate; $10 for Stand

Beauty Is a Beast Hoodie

This one goes out to the ladies of Spartan. $35

2017 Trifecta T

Let the world know exactly which tribe you belong to. $26

Spartan Trifecta Pint Glass 4-Pack

These are for, uh, protein smoothies. Yeah, that’s it. Smoothies. $26