Recovery: Beast Week Day 7

Recovery: Beast Week Day 7
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Beast Week: This week we will be focusing on endurance, a pillar of Spartan Training. Endurance is required to finish a Spartan Beast. No matter your level, you can use these workouts as a template to train your body in persisten

You’ve made it through Beast Week.

Now what? Well, if you want to train for a Spartan Beast specifically, get ready to go for it again next week. Try increasing your workout durations by 10%. After 2 successful Beast Weeks, do 50% of these workout durations for a week. Then you are ready to repeat the three weeks. Doing this for 3 cyclings will get you ready to race a Beast Race.

Active Recovery Suggestions

  • Foam roll.
  • Do yoga.
  • Use a sauna or steam room

Time to recover. Stay moving, but relax.