Your Unbreakable Day: A Full-Body Workout, Revisiting Palmerton, and Recognizing Your Contribution

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Morning: Another Spartan Pro Enters the Lion's Den

The latest Spartan pro to enter the lion's den — aka Joe De Sena's farm in Pittsfield, VT, via Zoom — is Jessie Montague. Can she break Joe? Watch the video and find out.

Afternoon Training: 20-Minute Full-Body Workout

Coach Kyle Flynn of The Blueprint LA in Torrance, California is back with another full-body workout. This one takes just 20 minutes and targets your upper body and core. For more badass workouts from Flynn, click here, here, and here.

Spartan Rewind: Palmerton 2015

The sport of obstacle course racing has continued to evolve over the years, but there are some elements that have never changed. Blue Mountain in Palmerton, Pennsylvania is one of them. With devastatingly brutal climbs, Palmerton embodies everything that a Spartan course should be. With one of the most stacked rosters to date, the athletes put on quite the show in this now-legendary race.

Must-Listen Podcast of the Day

Each and every one of us is on this planet for a reason, and we all have a unique contribution to make. In today’s climate of comparison, we can often get caught up in what others are doing and attempt to emulate them, thus ignoring what our own contribution might be. It is important that we all recognize that it is the uniqueness of each of us that matters, and in order to meet your own purpose you must show up fully for who you are — rather than attempt to be someone else.

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