10 Ways to Eat the Bear in 2018

10 Ways to Eat the Bear in 2018
Presented by Spartan Training®

You either eat the bear, or the bear eats you. Translation: Achieving results is within your control.

Whether 2017 was the start or a continuation of your fitness journey, now is the time to begin planning what you'll achieve in 2018. Luckily you have the power team of Spartan Race and Eat the Bear to start you off right and keep you performing all year long.

Both Eat the Bear and Spartan Race have a goal: Encourage mental toughness and physical well-being to overcome obstacles and excuses. Let our goal drive yours. Here are ten ways to eat the bear in 2018. Focusing on these 10 things will make sure you come out on top with all your battles this year.

1 - Nutrition

What we eat is the cornerstone of how we feel and what we achieve. The foods you eat (and others you avoid) play a key role in your daily energy, mood, and performance. It doesn't have to be complicated, and in fact, it should be simple and clean. That's the nutrition approach of both Eat the Bear and Spartan. Eat the Bear products use clean ingredients that are non-GMO, and free of rBGH. Used on a routine basis and combined with Spartan's clean eating principles, your body will perform more efficiently for faster results.

2 -Fitness

Are difficult training plans, fancy equipment, or an expensive gym membership your idea of what it takes to achieve physical greatness? Have those same expectations kept your goals out of reach? It may be time to say goodbye to these outdated approaches.

Functional and simplified training gets results. Think body weight exercises such as push ups and squats. Now imagine easy add-ons such as sandbag carries and box jumps. The face of fitness is changing and we want you to be a part of it. With free training plans from Spartan (no gym required) and free access to advice from Eat the Bear Athletes you'll have all you need to take your training to the next level.

3 - Lifestyle

A diet is temporary, a fad is false, and a supplement is a piece of a much larger puzzle. But a lifestyle is how you live. It's who you are to the core. Find all you need for a healthy Spartan lifestyle that promotes performance and longevity here.

4 - Mind

You can’t do it alone. Surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded people offers support, motivation, and knowledge every step of the way.

5 - Strength

Strength. What is it? It varies by opinion. Physical strength may differ, but the process is always the same. Train, recover, repeat. To increase strength you must train harder, you must recover faster so you can repeat quicker and stronger than before. We recommend Eat the Bear’s preworkout to give you that extra boost to push through and break beyond your plateaus.

6 - Recovery

The act of strength training tears muscle fibers (that's good). But without proper recovery they can continue to break down (you guessed it, that's bad). Muscles grow during recovery. Eat the Bear offers fuel to maximize recovery. Check out Eat the Bear Aminos, a concentrated blend of amino acids that promote protein synthesis when you need it most.

7 - Overcome Obstacles

If you didn't have to work for it, would it mean as much? Obstacles are in our lives everyday. Traffic, work assignments, fitting that long run in. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The choice is in how you use yours, how you overcome your obstacles. Are you going to give excuses or solutions? Ask any Spartan and they can tell you "Excuses don't live here". So if an obstacle is the Bear, ask yourself: Will you eat the bear, or let the bear eat you?

8 - Mental Toughness

Grit: The ability to push through no matter what the challenge. Grit is built on the course, but it grows in the mind. A strong mind- body connection is what starts the path towards full body wellness.

9 - Sign Up

Enough talk. It's time for action. 2018 is waiting and the Spartan Race schedule is here! SIGN UP. When you commit to something buy signing up you are more likely to follow through with your goals. 

10 - Get Started

All you need, ready to go. The Spartan Bundle has all components to fuel your training, aid recovery, and help provide balanced daily nutrition. We've done the work for you to prepare the perfect products to support maintaining lean muscle through the right balance of clean ingredients.