4 Trigger Point Mobilizations You Can Do at Home

4 Trigger Point Mobilizations You Can Do at Home
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Trigger point therapy is something you generally assume you need to make an appointment for (and that health insurance probably won't cover). While visiting a good physiotherapist is usually ideal, there's no reason you can't be doing some highly effective work at home.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points, or more thoroughly myofascial trigger points, are widely discussed in the physiotherapy world but are not without controversy in the science and medical world. Do they exist? Any Spartan who has had a deep-tissue massage will likely believe that there’s a there there when it comes to the trigger point concept.

Of note, there is apparently correlation between acupuncture and trigger point therapy in terms of location and the desired outcomes of the therapy.

Whatever it is or it isn’t, the release associated with deep work on a trigger point also seems to not be imagined. And Brad Cox of Acumobility — in his work with runners, Spartans, CrossFitters and more — makes it a primary goal of his work to help enable performance.

4 Acumobility Mobilizations

Here are four Acumobility exercises to put to the test.

Here is the Acumobility gear to use.

1. Chained to a sitting desk all day? Or maybe just worked from a workout. This exercise will target trigger points in the mid-back.

2. Feet beat to hell? Breathe life into them with this foot trigger point release.

3. End or prevent the pifirormous sciatica nightmare with this trigger point exercise.

4. Hamstrings of the verge of giving out? This Acumobility technique will press the reset button.

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