Iceland Ultra Beast: One Final Test

Iceland Ultra Beast: One Final Test

Zack Zeigler, Executive Editor of Men's Fitness, knows his way around a gym more than most people. So what happens when he steps outside and tackles some of the toughest courses Spartan has to offer? Racing across two continents and three countries, Zack is on a mission to run three races; Lake Tahoe Super, Sparta Beast, and Iceland Ultra Beast. He's ditching the dumbbells for sandbags and is entrenching himself in the Spartan lifestyle to see if he has what it takes.

The past two months have seen Zack conquer Lake Tahoe, and run on hallowed ground in Sparta, Greece. However, a type of race that has never been done by Spartan before; a 24-hour Ultra Beast in Iceland, awaits Zack. Multiple two-a-days and more training on the weekends have prepared Zack's body for this event. However, it is his mind that will be the x-factor on the course.

Part 1 Going from 8 miles to 18 miles is a big jump. Going from 18 miles of warm weather, to 30+ miles of freezing rain, driving wind, and limited sunlight? That's a whole different (ultra) beast. (*insert sarcastic pun-filled slow clap).

Part 2 The cold, rain, and isolation factor Zack experienced in previous races is amplified tenfold in Iceland. Top that all off with a knee injury, and that 30-mile mark seems further away in his final race.

Part 3 After racing for over 16 hours straight, Zack takes a break to reassess his condition. His knee appears to have worsened, and the self-doubt has begun to creep into his mind. A 24-hour finisher medal is still within reach for this Spartan.

With that, Zack has completed a three month, whirlwind trip around the globe. 2018 will bring even tougher challenges. Stay tuned.

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