Racing Hallowed Ground: The Sparta Beast

Racing Hallowed Ground: The Sparta Beast
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Zack Zeigler, Executive Editor of Men's Fitness, knows his way around a gym more than most people. So what happens when he steps outside and tackles some of the toughest courses Spartan has to offer? Racing across two continents and three countries, Zack is on a mission to run three races; Lake Tahoe Super, Sparta Beast, and Iceland Ultra Beast. He's ditching the dumbbells for sandbags and is entrenching himself in the Spartan lifestyle to see if he has what it takes.

After taking down the first of three races, Zack heads to the birthplace of Spartan, in Greece. Running on ground that ancient Spartan warriors trained on 2500 years prior, Zack intends to write his own story. After overcoming some early logistical issues, and seeing the sights that Spartan's homeland has to offer, he sets out to tackle the Sparta Beast.

Part 1 Leading up to the race, Zack checks out the sights of Greece, including the mighty Acropolis. Come race day, there are a few issues Zack runs in to, including being the actual last person to start the race. With 18 miles ahead of him, there is plenty of distance to cover if he wants to finish with a respectable time.

Part 2 After a thunderous start, Zack is unable to track his team down. Following a roller coaster of emotions, and a reunification with his team, the weather takes a turn for the worse. Every step brings Zack closer to the finish line. Will he succumb to the Greecian wilderness, or fight through to the end?

Part 3 What makes the Spartan community so special, is that there is help at every turn for those in need. What started as a solo venture quickly evolves into strangers becoming friends. Zack charges towards the finish line with new some new comrades to cap off a memorable race.

Two races down, one to go. With the Super and the Beast completed, only the daunting Ultra Beast remains. Zack has conquered rain, overcome the cold, and beaten any distance thrown his way. However, Iceland is a whole other beast that has never been tamed. Running in total darkness over treacherous terrain, the ultimate test still lies ahead.

Get caught up on Part 1 in Lake Tahoe, and look ahead to Part 3 in Iceland.

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