Spend 5 Uninterrupted Days in Costa Rica's Central Valley with HIGHLANDER

Spend 5 Uninterrupted Days in Costa Rica's Central Valley with HIGHLANDER
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HIGHLANDER, now considered the leading long-distance hiking event series in the world, was founded in Croatia in 2017 by Igor Mlinarevic, a veteran event organizer with stops at Ironman 70.3, the Tour of Croatia, and the Pannonian Challenge, among others. The self-proclaimed "hiking evangelist" wanted to combine his two passions — hiking, and designing experiences that people love — and HIGHLANDER, "the Adventure of a Lifetime," was born. 

The first-ever HIGHLANDER event was held on Velebit, the largest mountain range in Croatia, along the Adriatic coast. Since then, the brand has expanded rapidly across the globe, with iterations in Egypt, Morocco, Slovenia, Austria, France, North Macedonia, the United Arab Emirates, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Portugal, Montenegro, Serbia and — following a strategic partnership with Spartan — even the United States. 

Now, HIGHLANDER is coming to Costa Rica

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How to Sign up for the HIGHLANDER Costa Rica Central Valley Events

a man hiking during the HIGHLANDER Costa Rica Central Valley event

In January 2024, The New York Times published an interactive guide to 52 travel destinations to visit this year. On that list? "El Camino de Costa Rica," the trail that HIGHLANDER Adventure has chosen for its inaugural long-distance hiking event in Costa Rica, celebrated not only for its natural beauty, but also for its commitment to regenerative tourism.

"We are thrilled to see 'El Camino de Costa Rica' recognized by The New York Times," Thomas Blanc, Event Director at Highlander Adventure, says. "Our events are designed to not only provide participants with unforgettable experiences but also to leave a positive, lasting impact on the destinations we explore."

Taking place from August 6-10, 2024 in Costa Rica's Central Valley, this HIGHLANDER event offers two distance formats – Hercules (five days) and Pegasus (three days) – and will allow participants to  wander through the unique cloud forest ecosystem and stretches of the renowned Camino de Costa Rica, spotting sloths (if they're lucky) and immersing in a rural side of Costa Rica that very few tourists get a chance to know. They'll even have the chance to discover waterfalls, wild rivers, farming villages, and local culture, at a slow, pura vida rhythm uniquely attuned to the landscape.

Sign up for the 2024 HIGHLANDER Costa Rica event now to be the first to hike this iconic, New York Times-recognized trail with HIGHLANDER!