5 Steps to Preventing Chronic Inflammation

5 Steps to Preventing Chronic Inflammation
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Chronic inflammation can be caused by many different sources. The key is to know some of the inflammatory triggers and take active steps to manage and prevent it. In this episode, we’ll cover what it is, common causes, and some easy anti-inflammatory tools you can use anytime.

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Today, we’re talking about chronic inflammation. Simply put….it’s not good.

  1. But let’s clarify a few things first. The kind of inflammation we’re talking about today isn’t just the bruising or swelling you might see after let’s say a trip or a fall.
  2. I’m talking about the more chronic type that’s internal and can be triggered by long term stress whether it be from bad habits like poor diet, too little sleep, lack of exercise, psychological stress. Even infections, allergies, and autoimmune disorders (which can be chronic diseases) can trigger the inflammatory cascade.
  3. Inflammation occurs naturally in the body and can be helpful and needed for an acute situation. It’s your body’s first line of defense But, if left unchecked, chronic inflammation can contribute to some major illnesses such as: heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, and Alzheimer’s dss.
  4. So, what are some key steps you can take to decrease or prevent chronic inflammation:

5 Ways to Prevent Chronic Inflammation

  • Stop smoking
  • Decrease your alcohol consumption
  • Exercise! Our bodies are meant for movement and this helps clear toxins
  • Adequate sleep: you rob yourself of much needed sleep and it triggers inflammation    because it puts stress on the body.
  • How about some natural remedies or treatments that can help?

Some powerful chronic inflammation remedies include:

  • Turmeric: it’s an ayurvedic spice used to flavor many delicious curries but you can use this in its powdered form on food, in drinks, as a tea or in supplement form
  • Broccoli: I love food as medicine so eat the real deal when you can but it can also be consumed in powder form that can be added to healthy smoothies or veggie drinks.
  • Green Tea: I discuss green tea in another one of our podcasts but it’s because it is great, I’m a fan, and I drink a few cups every day. Again, I like using the actual food or beverage but they do make green tea supplements and a particular compound found in green tea called EGCG has strong anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Quercetin: its an antioxidant found in citrus, olive oil, and dark-berries – like blueberries. Use the natural from in food whenever possible but it does come in a capsule supplement form as well.

Now you know why you don’t want inflammation and some simple ways to prevent it. Keep inflammation at bay and your body primed and ready to take on whatever comes next!


  • Chronic inflammation: many triggers from poor diet, chronic stress, autoimmune conditions, allergy, and poor sleep
  • Healthy inflammation: an acute response to illness, infection, injury or some other bodily insult is a healthy defense but avoid chronic inflammatory states
  • Chronic inflammation can increase risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity
  • Anti-inflammatory activities: healthy diet, decrease alcohol consumption, stress reduction, and quality sleep
  • Anti-inflammatory foods and herbs: turmeric (natural spice), broccoli, green tea, and quercetin (found in olive oil, citrus, and dark berries)


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Producer: Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Writer and Host: Nada Milosavljevic MD, JD

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