Adrenaline Shoc Sponsors Spartan to Bring a Clean Energy Drink to Pros and Racers Alike

Adrenaline Shoc Sponsors Spartan to Bring a Clean Energy Drink to Pros and Racers Alike
Presented by Spartan Training®

Spartan has named Adrenaline Shoc (A-SHOC), the fast-growing performance energy beverage, an official Spartan Pro Team sponsor and the official performance energy drink of Spartan U.S. for its 2020 and 2021 seasons. This partnership, which includes brand representation tied to Spartan’s elite athletes and sampling activations for all participants, showcases the two brands' passion for encouraging athletes of all experience levels to reach their physical peaks.

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“We’re very excited about our multi-year partnership with A-SHOC, an innovative energy beverage that shares our values for healthy, active, and optimized Spartan living,” says Ian Lawson, vice president of global partnerships at Spartan. “Our athletes demand clean, natural products to fuel their training and racing routines, and A-SHOC delivers a performance energy drink that directly supports the endurance community’s needs with benefits including zero sugar and naturally-derived caffeine.”

You can expect to see Spartan’s pro team, such as the 2016 first-place global champion, Faye Stenning, using the drink and providing testimonials through Spartan and A-SHOC’s social-media-driven partnership. The top 10 Spartan athletes at each race will also don the A-SHOC logo on their podium jersey throughout the 2020 season.

Racers will be invited to enjoy A-SHOC’s performance-boosting energy beverages — loaded with better-for-you ingredients such as green coffee beans, coffee fruit extract, guarana, and yerba mate — at race events in the United States. And if you're wondering how they taste, don't sweat it, they come in eight delicious flavors — Shoc Wave, Frozen Ice, Sour Candy, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Acai Berry, and Peach Mango.


There will also be a branded A-SHOC stretching area that will be made available for athletes to focus and prepare pre-race. Lastly, retail vouchers will be made available to all in attendance as an encouragement to continue to reach for their peak performance.

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“A-SHOC understands that whether you’re a weekend warrior or a Spartan Pro Team athlete, performance support is vital,” says Robb Hewett, head of marketing at A-SHOC. “We are excited to share A-SHOC with Spartan participants and showcase how our beverage brand is an essential aid to reach peak fitness efficiency. Unlike other energy drinks currently on the market, incorporating A-SHOC into a sports training regimen or healthy lifestyle is a better-for-you option.

“Our delicious guilt-free energy features a gratifying mix of ingredients including 300mg of natural-sourced caffeine, ocean mineral electrolytes, nine essential amino acids, BCAAs for muscle recovery, and zero sugar, artificial flavors, and chemical preservatives.”

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