Ultimate Beach Workout

Ultimate Beach Workout
Presented by Spartan Training®

It's beach season. Enjoy it.

And utilize it.

A routine activity can become a brand new experience when you change your location. It can be refreshing. It can kickstart a rebirth of sorts through achieving a new perspective. It can be damn fun, even if you are doing a grueling workout. 

A change of environment introduces unique challenges, too. Many of the elements found in beach training can combine to give you an incredible workout you can't get anywhere else. Sand and water combine to work you in ways you aren't experiencing in your local park or regular gym. 

So, let's combine a change of location with the ultimate beach workout.

There are many benefits of working out on the sand. These include:

  • Burning more calories
  • Building stabilizing muscles
  • Decreasing impact on your joints

We've put together a workout that will maximize your time on the beach this summer.

Ultimate Beach Workout


75 jumping jacks 75 seal jacks Run 10 minutes in the sand

Main Set

Bear crawl in sand 50 yards Crab walk in sand 50 yards 15 burpees 30 mountain climbers (each leg) 30 second plank Repeat 3 times

20 walking lunges 20 squat jumps 20 push-ups Repeat 3 times

then Swim 10 minutes 10 minute ruck in sand with sandbag

Cool Down

Beach yoga

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