4 Tips to Beat the Spartan Spear Throw in Your Next Race

4 Tips to Beat the Spartan Spear Throw in Your Next Race
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The Spartan Spear Throw is the bane of many racers. Often a smaller archery-style foam target and sometimes a target made up of two or three bales of hay, this obstacle is a 20-to-30-foot throw from behind a barricade. It's also the single most-failed Spartan race obstacle of all time. To save you from doing 30 burpees, here's how to perfect your Spear Throw.

How to Do the Spartan Spear Throw

a woman perfected her Spartan Spear Throw obstacle after following four tips

The Spartan Spear Throw obstacle requires accuracy, coordination, power, and timing. The most common culprits for a failed Spear Throw are a lack of power behind the throw, or throwing across the body rather than straight ahead.

When you're practicing a Spear Throw, start without the spear and move your throwing hand from your ear to your aiming hand. You should end up making a triangle with your hands and shoulders. Try to notice how much your hips rotate or if your balance shifts. 

And above all else: Don't try to throw the spear overhead like a baseball. Instead, focus on tracking right past your ear. Here's how to get it right:

1. Slow Down 

Accuracy can be highly dependent on heart rate and state of mind. When you run up to the barricade, take a moment to slow down and breathe.

2. Inspect the Equipment

Grab the spear and toss any extra rope over the barricade to avoid snagging it on the fence when you throw the spear over.

3. Aim Straight

Use the non-throwing hand to aim slightly above the target's center. Keep it outstretched and pointing at the target.

4. Power Through

Push through your rear leg and throw forward with all of your power in a straight line, keeping your chest and eyes facing the target.

Get Your Mentality Right to Crush the Spear Throw

Do not rush into it. Take your time, inspect the equipment. Find a lane where the spear has already successfully hit the target. Visualize making a successful throw. Keep your eye on the center of the target. Throw powerful and straight.

With these four tips, you'll avoid those 30 burpees, shave your time down, and impress everyone on the course.

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