These 6 Master Coaches Will Get You Spartan FIT

These 6 Master Coaches Will Get You Spartan FIT
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We all know Spartans take training very seriously. We’re driven to deliver real results, and so are our coaches. We’re proud to say we pick the best of the best to get you motivated and moving on the Spartan FIT app. We want every workout to feel like our coaches are right there with you. So let's get acquainted. 

Meet The Team

Gabe Snow

Spartan FIT Master Coach Workouts

At 30 years old, Gabe Snow has seemingly lived several lives. He’s been a 270-pound defensive lineman, a competitive bodybuilder, a full-time model, and a trainer at some of New York City’s top gyms. And through all that, he’s developed a laundry list of fitness certifications, including in-performance nutrition and strength and conditioning. 

The education component of training is huge for Snow, which he fell into almost by accident after constantly getting injured throughout his football career.

“I needed to find new ways to gain strength, speed, and durability while not overtraining,” Snow said. “My injuries were my greatest asset in terms of educating myself.” 

Now, as a Spartan Master Coach, he’s ready to share it all with you.

“I believe our body should serve as the vehicle that our mind gets to ride in on our journey through time,” he said. “So, if that means taking it off road and through the mud from time to time, do what's right by your body. Respect it and train it to grant your mind access to the beauty of life.”

Try Snow’s Workout: Foundation of Strength (Upper)

Kristina Centenari

Spartan FIT Master Coach Workouts

Although Spartan Master Coach Kristina Centenari's career involves being a coach, she said that she'll never stop being an athlete.

“I will always try to understand what people are feeling, whether they are beginner movers or advanced," Centenari said. "I’ve made it my purpose to simply make people feel better.”

The 25-year-old was a tennis player and rower at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She now lives in New York City.

“After my collegiate career, I became intrigued with how to keep the body healthy and primed for performance,” she said.

With an emphasis on mobility and stability, Centenari will train you to move athletically, even if you don’t think you’re an athlete. You're a Spartan.

Try Centenari’s Workout: Learning to Fly 

Meg Reardon

Work hard, play hard is one way to sum up the Queens, New York-based Master Coach's approach to life.

This 28-year-old is all about tough full-body workouts that push your limits and leave you feeling accomplished (and dripping with sweat). But when she’s not working out, you can catch her sipping “boujee” coffee or trying new cookie spots.

“I love sweets and do not cut those out of my lifestyle completely," she said. "Everything in moderation."

Reardon has competed in CrossFit since 2014, and has her Level 1 and Level 2 certifications in the sport.

Try Reardon’s Workout: The 3x10

Jay Markland

Spartan FIT Master Coach Workouts

If you’re looking for a coach who has tried and tested pretty much every type of fitness himself, Jay Markland is your guy.

“I developed my own approach to training by trying almost everything myself,” he said. “You name it, I've done it.”

Another thing to know about Markland — he’s not one to oversell something. If he can’t show you how to do it, he’ll direct you to someone who can.

“I'm as humble as they come, or so I have been told," Markland said. "So that's why I named my company Be Humble Movement."

The self-proclaimed 39-going-on-20-year-old lives in midtown Manhattan and — in addition to being a certified strength and conditioning coach — is a boxing trainer and a professional fighter. 

Try Markland’s Workout: Full Body Assault

Trevor Franklin 

Spartan FIT Master Coach Workouts

Trevor Franklin is a fitness chameleon. This Manhattan-based trainer can help you level up, whether you’re coming back from an injury, looking to take your sport-specific training up a notch, or are simply ready to get fit (or fitter) for everyday life.

“I learned a lot about training from playing sports, my own journey, and from being around others in the industry,” Franklin said. “Each learning opportunity has prepared me for a different style and different types of clients.” 

Try Franklin’s Workout: The Long Haul

Evan Betts 

Spartan FIT Master Coach Workouts

Originally from Michigan, Evan Betts has certainly “made it” in the New York City fitness industry.

A founding trainer of three of the most disruptive fitness spaces in New York — GRIT BXNG, Performix House, and Tone House — Betts has also been on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine, and was featured as the fitness contributor to Cosmopolitan magazine in the 2017 television show So Cosmo

Try Betts' Workout: The Four-Circuit Finisher

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