How to Level Up Your Racing Gear for 2021

How to Level Up Your Racing Gear for 2021
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You’re chomping at the bit to get back on the course, crushing Virtual Races and signing up for your 2021 season pass. You’ve been training hard during these tough times - maybe you’re doing some workouts in our new Fit app - and you’ve practically worn through your regular gear. 

Not only is shiny new gear fun to get in the mail - it can actually help motivate you, and even amp up your performance. It’s not just in your head: research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that what you wear carries a symbolic meaning, so it subconsciously changes the way you behave. The finding was coined “enclothed cognition,” and it explains why you may perform better when you’re wearing exercise gear that makes you feel strong.

We’ve also carefully designed our gear so it’s made for OCR athletes: our Pro series in particular is built to withstand the obstacles you’ll face on the course. From compression fabric that keeps you supported to designs that allow you to move in every direction to strategically placed silicone that protects your body, this apparel will propel you to crush your next race. "The Spartan Pro series by Craft have been game changers," says pro Steve Hammond. "Having a piece of clothing that doesn't chafe or rub, keeps you cool when hot out, and keeps you warm when cold makes a huge difference." 

We rounded up the gear we recommend for taking your racing to the next level in 2021, and talked to two of our Spartan pros about why they rely on it to perform at the top level. 

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Men's Spartan by Craft Pro Series Grit Tank

This versatile, tech tank is lightweight and breathable enough to keep you cool on the course, and your arms will be free to pull you up and over every obstacle. Plus, it's outfitted with special seams to prevent the dreaded chafing. "The grit tank and 2-in-1 shorts are my go-to in training," says Hammond. "I can comfortably run and train in the warm weather with no problems."

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Men's Spartan by Craft Pro Series 2-in-1 Shorts

As part of Hammond's one-two apparel punch, these multitasking shorts give you support you need with the inner compression tights and the stretchy, comfortable outer layer. Made with a wide waistband and inner drawcord, they fit to your body perfectly and move with you throughout the race.

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Women's Spartan by Craft Pro Series Hot Shorts

Pro Ashley Heller swears by these hot shorts when she's competing: "I have these in both black and red and I love them. They are light and 'bend over proof' and don't get in the way or dig into your sides or legs, they stay put," she says. "I love that they don't ride up and are not cumbersome when going over obstacles." We couldn't say it better ourselves. 

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Spartan by Craft Pro Series Compression Top

With graduated compression to promote circulation, silicone on the shoulders and elbow to protect your arms and stretch-iness so you can move however you need, this is a must in a Spartan's arsenal. "If I am in an environment that would require a warmer top or something covering my core, this is my go to," says Heller. "The compression material stays close to your body so it doesn't get in the way of obstacles and doesn't catch on things. It is light but still offers an extra layer of warmth and protection and wicks water efficiently."

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Spartan by Craft Compression Kneesock

Compression socks are an essential for serious Spartan racers. They keep your calves supported with a tight fit, and they don't budge even when you're traversing the wildest terrain. "The socks are a great alternative to tights in that they are light and don't hold on to an excessive amount of water but still offer protection from foliage and rope obstacles without being overly hot from covering your legs like tights might," says Heller.

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Men's Spartan by Craft Delta Compression Tights

Ready to really step it up in 2021? Our Delta collection is built with the elite Spartan racer in mind. These compression tights, which Hammond swears by, are made with best-in-class body-control fabric. They're also designed with a fabric called Dyneema, which is used for the ultimate durability and protection from obstacles. "When it comes to colder races, these compression tights are great to deal with the cold," he says.

 Level up your gear and shop our Pro Series now.

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