The Outdoor Weight Room

The Outdoor Weight Room
Presented by Spartan Training®

Go outside with your Spartan pancake.

Take it for a walk around the block. Or take it on a hike.

Some people have pet rocks, you should have a pet sandbag. This is your Wilson—the volleyball in Castaway. Get to know it. Name it, even.

And don't baby it. Don't worry about it getting dirty. Or getting rained on.

Throw it in the dirt. Dust it off when you are done working. Train with it in the rain.

It can take it. Can you?

This is the best kind of training partner. Up for anything, take abuse, and will never back down before you do.

Don't overcomplicate it

Does it take you more than 20 minutes to drive to a gym and then change? Then 20 minutes to shower and drive home again?

Now, imagine if you just grabbed 20-60lbs and hustled your ass outside and did explosive movements for 20 minutes. Think that won't have a positive effect on your life?

Don't overcomplicate it, folks.

If you spent too much time at a desk or on a couch, get outside and move with a pancake, and you'll notice you get more physically fit than if you did nothing.

Just go easy. Pace yourself. Week to week make 10% gains in your reps, sets and weight. Start with 10lbs. You don't need to fill you pancake to the maximum.

Stop with the excuses about having to get to the gym. March outside with a sandbag that is manageable, but uncomfortable for you, and get to work managing it until it is comfortable for you to work with. When this happens, add sand to your pancake or get a bigger size.

Build a new habit

Keep your pancake in a spot (like your backyard), and return to it after every 5 minutes of running and do some squats to overhead presses and pancake slams.

Get in the habit with keeping your Spartan pancake handy when you go outside to train.

I keep my set in the shed; easy to grab and accessable. I sometimes keep them in the back of my truck, for when I drive to parks and trailheads to train.

Ultimately, spending some time moving a pancake around in an unstructured way is a great way to recover from the strict routines you've been doing.

Outdoor Pancake Workout Example


5 minutes run gradually increasing intensity.

10 Burpees

Main Set:

Run 4 minutes (slow to moderate pace)

10 Squat to Overhead Press with Pancake

10 Pancake Slams

Repeat 3-8 times.

Cool Down:


Rucking with a Pancake

Rucking is a great way to get a simple workout. A simple 1-2 mile walk with a 20-40lbs Spartan Pancake will loosen you up and give you a great workout. For a sandbag is always changing. It is an irregular object. You will build stabilizing muscles.

This was always one of the first workouts new Spartans did in Pittsfield, Vermont. Most mornings, in the early days of Spartan, we'd simply carry Pancakes up nearby hills and mountains.

For added difficulty, don't let yourself rest the pancake on your shoulder. Always have to carry in your arms. Build grip and arm strength.

 Need a new challenge to drive your training? A Spartan Edurance event is guaranteed to motivate you.