Spartan Race Takes Over Dubai: View the Photo Gallery

Spartan Race Takes Over Dubai: View the Photo Gallery
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OCRfreaks is a group of passionate, like-minded and crazy Spartans who run obstacle races around the Middle East and Europe. We consist of Spartan SGX Coaches, Spartan Brand Ambassadors, personal trainers, elite and some of the most recognized racers in the Middle East. We are based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which are emirates of United Arab Emirates.

The Middle Eastern Championship took place in Hatta in November 2017 and it was a great event, which attracted many new racers into the sport of OCR. However, it was tough race and many racers found it extremely difficult. Not just physically mentally.  A few days after the race, we had many friends asking how to prepare for the next Spartan Race so we started offering our help and advice. Also through social media, we were getting many questions posted to us from racers around the Middle East. We then realized that there was not a go-to place for Spartans based out in the Middle East to get help and advice so we created a Facebook page, Middle Eastern Spartan Racers. Already it is clear that it has been useful as many people were getting answers to their questions regarding the most recent Spartan Race in Kuwait.

We realized that we were in a fortunate position as that we had the knowledge, experience and the passion to give even more back to Spartans in Dubai. Therefore, we decided to run free weekly SGX classes. It started with close friends who came to the sessions but due to social media and word of mouth, the training started getting more popular and now we regularly get around 20 to 25 Spartans. We have a wide range of people coming to our training from Elite Spartans aiming for podium to people who have never ran a Spartan Race before.  We use our creativity and vision to make obstacles and equipment with the limited budget we have to keep the sessions fun and challenging.

We are extremely proud and humbled by the success of our training sessions and the impact that we are having in getting individuals off the couch, signing up to races, becoming fitter and changing mindsets.  Our vision is to set up the first obstacle specific gym in the United Arab Emirates and train everyone not just physically but mentally.

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