8 Top Cross-Training Shoes that Stand Up to Any Workout

8 Top Cross-Training Shoes that Stand Up to Any Workout
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You wouldn’t head out to chase a few miles without thinking about what you put on your feet first, choosing the shoe that feels supportive and comfy step after step. So you should put the same thought into the sneakers you slip into for other workouts, whether those include weight training, high-intensity intervals filled with plyometric moves, or classes like boxing. Enter: the best cross training shoes that support you through all kinds of exercises.

“A cross-trainer is a shoe that will be used for a variety of activities, not just straight-ahead running,” says John Giurini, MD, chief of podiatric surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. “Look for shoes that not only have the shock absorption and support you’d find in a running shoe, but also lateral stability. You want a shoe that’s a little stiffer and works for side-to-side motion.” Unlike a running shoe, you don’t have to worry so much about the weight of cross-training shoes—focus more on arch and heel sturdiness.  

To help you narrow down the list, check out our eight favorite pairs of the best cross training shoes on the market — built for workouts that combine weights, plyos, or maybe a few sprints. Added bonus? Meet the ultimate OCR shoe for race day. 

Best Cross Training Shoes to Amp Up Your Workouts

1. Reebok Nano 9

(Men’s and Women’s)

best cross training shoes Reebok Nano 9

A staple at most CrossFit gyms, the Reebok Nano gets a stellar upgrade in this ninth edition. Maintaining its sturdy outsole, you also get a protective layer that wraps around the heel and midfoot for extra stability. The upper uses a stretchy “flexweave” material that allows for easy transitions in any direction, plus there’s more cushioning underfoot for a softer landing on explosive exercises. All the R&D work that went into this shoe easily makes it one of the best cross training shoes around. 

$130, reebok.com

2. UA Tribase Reign Training Shoes

(Men’s and Women’s)

best cross training shoes UA Tribase Reign Training Shoes

With an outsole that hugs your foot on the sides and a heel cup that keeps your feet from sliding, this trainer offers stability when you need it most (like in those lateral movements). As you take off for jumps or sprints, you also have enough flexibility through the forefoot to make it seamless. To finish off the benefits, you get ample cushioning yet a low-to-ground construction that allows you to feel the floor underneath you—perfect for powerful lifts.

$120, underarmour.com

3. Adidas Alphaboost Parley Shoes


best cross training shoes alphaboost parley

For the days you turn up the intensity and power through agility drills, multi-directional movements, or hit your fastest speed on the tread, these shoes have you covered in comfort. Like most Adidas shoes, they offer superior bounce-back for a little spring in your step, but this pair also has spots on the outsole that offer more stability when you need to stick your landings.

$150, adidas.com

4. Asics Gel-Quantum 180 TR

(Men’s and Women’s)

best cross training shoe Asics Gel-Quantum 180 TR

You’ll get plenty of durability through every jump, turn, and take-off, thanks to the tough rubber outsole on these trainers. The gel in the rear and midfoot also help absorb the shock of your plyometric movements, no matter what angle you’re hitting them. And the soft, breathable, comfy upper makes these some of the best cross training shoes on the market. 

$120, asics.com

5. Nike Free X Metcon 2

(Men’s and Women’s)

best cross training shoe Nike Free X Metcon 2

Flexibility up front; stability in the back—that’s what you’ll get from this shoe that takes you from mountain climbers and box jumps to squats and sprints. The adjustable cage over the midfoot also means you have a snug fit through every 360-degree movement.

$120, nike.com

6. Hoka One One Tivra


best cross training shoe Hoka One One Tivra

Feel supported and light on your feet in these Hokas, designed to support you through any jump, pivot, or lateral movement. A lightweight rubberized foam keeps your foot cushioned without weighing you down, and a midfoot wing reinforces the upper, so you get a hug of protection for your multi-angled moves.

$110, hokaoneone.com

7. Altra HIIT XT 2

(Men’s and Women’s)

best cross training shoe Altra HIIT XT 2

If you prefer a wider toe box for your digits to spread out and create your stable base, Altra has the shoe that fits your needs. Mimicking the natural shape of your foot, this cross-trainer offers lots of space up front, plus an insole that supports you while you move side-to-side, as well as front-to-back. Easily one of the best cross training shoes on the market for athletes who need a bit of wiggle room. 

$110, altrarunning.com

8. Puma IGNITE Flash Training Shoes


best cross training shoe puma ignite flash training shoe

The sock-like liner of these Pumas provides a soft, comfy fit that almost feels like it’s molded to your foot. Meanwhile, foam technology underneath gives you a little extra rebound for any jumps you have to conquer. Better yet: the reinforced heel offers the stability you need to stay steady on your feet.

$110, puma.com


Spartan Craft Pro RD

(Men's and Women’s)

Spartan RD Pro by Craft

With Spartan’s unforgiving terrain and tough-to-beat obstacles, you need lightweight kicks with aggressive tread for solid traction in slippery conditions. Also on the wish list: a grippy upper to help race obstacles more efficiently. Consider cotton your enemy—after miles running on wet earth, every ounce counts. Enter, the Spartan Craft RD Pro by Craft — an obstacle course racing shoe designed & developed specifically for the rigors of a Spartan Race and is capable of attacking any obstacle course or trail in the world. Built for the OCR athlete by the OCR athlete.

$140, Pre-order the Spartan Craft Pro RD NOW