10 Minute Workout: A Selection of Bodyweight Classics

10 Minute Workout: A Selection of Bodyweight Classics
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Perfect Match: Bodyweight Exercise & the 10 Minute Workout

Summer is over; time to fall back into discipline. It's the perfect time for basic training. The 10 minute workout — bodyweight-style — is a no-excuses tool that will get you in gear.

2019 is on the horizon. If you want to kick yourself into high gear come January, you better be regimented and solid starting now.  Nothing makes this easier than some drastic simplification and minimalism. Hence the beauty of the 10 minute workout.

Remember, simple doesn't mean easy. We eliminated all the excuses and complicated stuff so you can focus on some hard work.

The advantages of these bodyweight workouts:

  1. They are for all levels
  2. They take little time
  3. No gear is required

First, here are the workouts. Scroll passed them for detailed descriptions on how to perform them for maximal effect. We'll also answer common questions. To see demonstrations of the exercises listed, simply click on the links.

Committing simple workouts like this to mememory allow you to do them any time. You can do these in any outfit or footwear for the most part. Though not ideal, you could totally do these in jeans and a cotton t-shirt.

10 Minute Bodyweight Workout Planner

Monday: Fullbody Bodyweight Bonanza (09:30)

  1. 1 minute jumping jacks
  2. 1 minute squats
  3. 30 seconds rest
  4. 1 minute push-ups
  5. 30 seconds rest
  6. 1 minute mountain climbers
  7. 30 seconds rest
  8. 1 minute plank
  9. 30 seconds rest
  10. 1 minute burpees
  11. 30 seconds rest
  12. 1 minute burpees

Tuesday: Fartlek + Burpees (09:30)

  1. 1 minute jumping jacks
  2. Easy 2 minute jog
  3. 1 minute hard run
  4. 30 seconds rest
  5. 1 minute hard run
  6. 30 seconds walk
  7. 30 seconds sprint
  8. 30 seconds walk
  9. 30 seconds sprint
  10. 1 minute rest
  11. 1 minute burpees

Wednesday: Upper Body Burn Out (9:00)

  1. 1 minute jumping jacks
  2. 1 minute dead hang
  3. 30 seconds rest
  4. 1 minute pull-ups
  5. 30 seconds rest
  6. 1 minute push-ups
  7. 30 seconds rest
  8. 1 minute pull-ups
  9. 30 seconds rest
  10. 1 minute dead hang
  11. 1 minute burpees

Thursday: Recovery

Friday: Hill Hell (10:00)

  1. 1 minute jumping jacks
  2. 2 minutes easy run
  3. 20 seconds hill sprint
  4. 40 seconds recovery
  5. 20 seconds hill sprint
  6. 40 seconds recovery
  7. 20 seconds hill sprint
  8. 40 seconds recovery
  9. 2 minutes hard run on hills
  10. 1 minute recovery
  11. 1 minute burpees

Saturday: Buck Furpees

  1. 5-20 burpees every minute on the minute for 10 minutes.

Sunday: Recovery

10 Minute Workout Basics

Keep it simple, not easy -- The 10 minute workout isn't meant to be a breeze. They aren't very complicated, but that doesn't make them easy. You can open a world of hurt for yourself with 10 minutes and the right attitude.

It's about time, not reps -- Because these workouts are time-based instead of rep-based, they offer athletes of all levels the ability to push themselves to their limits. How many reps should you do in 1 minute? That's up to you, ultimately. But try and do as many as you can. If you reach failure before the minute is up, begin your rest period. The goal, however, is to focus on pacing yourself for a maximal amount of reps spread through the entire work period.

Hint: Have an easy to read watch on or a clock before you. 

Pace yourself  -- Start slowly with these workouts. We didn't build in a warm-up into these workouts. Take the first 3 minutes to bring your system online. Gradually build up a sweat by minute 4, and then, and only then, kick it into high gear and enter the pain cave.

Do you have a favorite 10 minute workout and want to share? Email Jason Jaksetic.