Spartan Race Iceland: Photos From 2017

Spartan Race Iceland: Photos From 2017
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As we get set for the 2018 Spartan Ultra Championships in Iceland (aka Spartan Race Iceland), it's worth a look back on what racers can be looking forward to. Check here for details on the 2018 slate of events.

In 2017, Joshua Fiore not only won the race but won the girl.

This year, one question waiting be answered: Will Spartan World Champion and Spartan Trifecta World Champion Jon Albon take the race -- and with it a $1 million bonus?

Fiore (by the way) had some advice for Spartan racers of all levels on how to get your best performance. "Don't rush into the obstacles," he said in an interview. "You'll rush right into making a mistake that will cost you time and burpees." Rather, Fiore suggests, slow down as you run up to a new obstacle. Take a moment to get a breath and center your attention. Focus on the right set of techniques to get through it in good form, faster and without getting into a screwy situation that will set you back.

Do you have to live in Iceland-like climate to train for it? Here's how one U.S. soldier has been training for this year's event--in Iraq.

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