The Unbreakable Gift Guide for Every Spartan Dad

The Unbreakable Gift Guide for Every Spartan Dad

We need strong dads (and moms, of course) now more than ever, to help support our families, to stand up for what's right, and to stay in peak shape. No small feats! To help them lead the charge, and to honor them for Father's Day, we put together our lineup of the best Father's Day gifts for athletic dads. This Spartan gear will keep them in unbreakable shape.

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8 Unbreakable Gifts for Dads This Father's Day

The Unbreakable Spartan Dad Tag

He loves to put the medals he earned for the Sprint, the Super, and the Beast on display at home. Now he can proudly wear this unbreakable dad tag to show that no obstacle will stop him, whether he's racing or on playground duty.

Spartan by Craft RD Pro OCR Running Shoe

Give the guy who never gives up our unbreakable shoe: a triple threat of traction, flexibility, and support that will allow him to conquer every obstacle effortlessly. The RD PRO also has a cushioning technology that will help him sprint through the finish line.

Spartan by Craft Grit Pullover Hoodie

Made with super soft organic cotton, this hoodie is still tough enough for him to wear to workouts (and on grocery runs, when he wants to show off his Spartan pride).

Spartan Strength Band

The resistance band is a staple in any Spartan's gym. (Plus, he can bring it pretty much anywhere.) This super heavy band will allow him to improve his chest presses and tricep dips, and provides up to 200 pounds of resistance.

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Spartan '47 Fushion MVP Hat

Not much to say here other than this: Badass, athletic dads wear hats like this, so get one for yours!

Spartan Rugged Jump Rope

Jump rope definitely isn't just for the kids: Dad can get a pretty intense workout with one, too. Ours is indestructible and belongs in every dad's unbreakable equipment arsenal.

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