Spartan Pros Emilee and Matt Stevens Always Push Each Other, Even When One of Them Is Down

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Due to an injury, Spartan pro Matt Stevens was unable to compete in the SoCal Ultra, Beast, and Sprint Weekend last October. But that didn't stop him from joining Emilee, his wife and a fellow Spartan pro, on her journey to the finish line

"Being injured this weekend and not being able to race, it definitely takes a toll on me mentally," says Matt Stevens, a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) specialist in the United States Air Force. "I kind of just take that and push it onto her and make her push harder."

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In Thrill of the Ride, a four-part series brought to you by Spartan and Harley-Davidson, Matt motivates Emilee, 29, as she works her way to being race ready.

"Due to Matt's injury, he's been pretty much by my side throughout all my training," says Emilee Stevens, a Spartan pro since 2019 and a Harley-Davidson rider since 2015. "And every time I turn to the left or I turn to the right, he's right there by my shoulder. Matt and I, in our relationship, we find the best ways to push each other."

Matt, 34, has been riding Harley-Davidsons since 2001, and being on that bike is an escape unlike anything else in his life.

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"When we jump on the Harley together, as soon as you hit the open road, all the stress just goes away," he says. "There's a different bond when she's on the back and she's trusting in me."

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