Thrill of the Ride, Episode 1: Spartan Pros LOVE Their Harleys, and This Is Why

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In the premiere episode of Thrill of the Ride — brought to you by Spartan and iconic motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson — Spartan pros take to two wheels as they head to the SoCal Ultra, Beast, and Sprint Weekend at Tejon Ranch in Lebec, California. See exclusive behind-the-scenes training, and receive insight from the pros as to how they mentally prepare and approach races against some of the most elite athletes in the world.

“In racing and riding, there’s that thin line between intensity and tranquility,” Ryan Kempson reflects while cruising.

The second episode, starring Spartan world champion Robert Killian, will air on Jan. 21st, and the third — set to air on the 28th — centers on husband and wife Emilee and Matt Stevens. The finale, which will air on Feb. 4th, features brothers Ryan and Matt Kempson.

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“When you’re on that bike, you kind of find that peace, just like when I show up to a race,” says the ultra-competitive Emilee Stevens. “I get there and I’m just ready.”

Thrill of the Ride episodes premiere at 11:00 a.m. ET on Tuesdays, with all episodes airing on Spartan’s Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages. You can also view every episode here

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