Spartan Pros Hit the Road on Harleys in 'Thrill of the Ride'

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Iconic motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson and Spartan are excited to premiere Thrill of the Ride, a four-part miniseries featuring Spartan pros Matthew and Ryan Kempson, Matt and Emilee Stevens, and world champion (and former Green Beret) Robert Killian. These incredible athletes hit the road en route to the SoCal Ultra, Beast, and Sprint Weekend last October, and we followed them every step of the way.

Thrill of the Ride features behind-the-scenes footage of Spartans training and taking on obstacles, their insight into what makes an elite competitor, and how they set themselves apart on the course and off. They also explain why riding a Harley is so special to them, and why it brings out the best of their abilities.

"When I walk up to a Spartan race, I have all that anticipation," says pro Emilee Stevens, one of the series' stars. "Something that takes that away is jumping on the back of that bike, where everything feels so light."

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The first episode will air on Jan. 14, with subsequent episodes to follow on Jan. 21 and Jan. 28, and then the series finale on Feb. 4. They will premiere at 11:00 a.m. ET on those days, and can be viewed on Spartan's Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages. You can also watch each episode, along with commentary and recaps, on this page.

Click here to learn more about Harley-Davidson, and remember to tune in every week for brand new episodes, beginning on Jan. 14.

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