The MACROS 101 Spartan Challenge: Return to Racing Stronger, Faster, and Fitter

The MACROS 101 Spartan Challenge: Return to Racing Stronger, Faster, and Fitter
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We're primed to hack it on the race course after a helluva long year. Are you? Sure, true to your unstoppable grit, determination, and perseverance, you've done your best to stay OCR-ready while sheltering at home. But with Spartan races back in full swing, it's time to clean up your nutrition program and ditch poor pandemic habits once and for all. In partnership with Renaissance Periodization, we created this four-part MACROS 101 series to optimize your nutrition so you can get faster, stronger, and prevent injury. Download the free nutrition plan and keep an eye out for healthy recipes rolling out all month. We've got you covered for your most EPIC return to racing ever. AROO!

We’re back! With vaccines rolling out and Spartan Races in full swing, it’s time to revamp your training strategy like never before. But facing a big post-pandemic fitness and nutrition reset can feel daunting. Our advice? Keep it simple.

That’s why we partnered with coaches from Renaissance Periodization, a nutrition company supporting endurance athletes as they train hard, recover well and create healthy habits that stick. In tandem with RP, we bring you Macros 101—a diet cleanup to prioritize the carbohydrates, proteins and fats you need to return to racing like a champ. Plus, healthy, Spartan-approved recipes, intra-workout fueling tips, and so much more. No frills, no excuses. 

With this quick-hit guide, you’ll reset your nutrition to optimize your performance and become OCR-ready ASAP so you can flip tires and crush monkey bars stronger than ever. 

The 4-Week Plan: Here’s How it Works

Each week, we’ll cover one macro and give you a clear, simple takeaway to implement immediately. As the month progresses, bad pandemic habits will melt away, and you’ll build a stable, sustainable foundation around your fuel intake. The goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but rather bring it back to the basics.

Check out our full four-part series below. At the bottom, you can find additional Spartan-approved recipes that supplement RP's free, downloadable nutrition plan.

Macros 101: Fuel Up & Return to Racing Like a Champ

Week #1 — Protein Primer + Calorie Balance

macro meal plan

Brush up on nutrition basics, including calorie balance, to achieve your target racing weight. Plus, add more protein to each meal for quicker recovery and optimized performance. Here's why (and how) you should do that.  


Week #2 — Why (+ When) Athletes Need Healthy Fats

macro meal plan

Fat is an essential nutrient, meaning: your body doesn't produce it on its own. Athletes need ample healthy fats in their diets for increased brain function, hormone regulation, metabolization of carbs and proteins, and much more. Here's the 411 on fat—the healthy, and the not so healthy—so you can cut the crap and up the ante on the good stuff. 


Week #3 — Quality Carbs + Intra-Workout Fueling

macro meal plan

Carbs are your best friend when it comes to fast-digesting energy that supports you during longer workouts and obstacle course races. Here's how to maximize your intra-workout fueling as you ramp up training so you get more bang for your buck. 


Week #4 — Fruits, Veggies & Micros Decoded

macro meal plan

A macros series wouldn't be complete without a nod to micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables, and how you can optimize your intake to achieve better, healthier gains. Though micros don't matter as much as macros, you'll want to study up on them, too. 



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