6 Healthy(ish) Refreshing Summer Cocktails for Booze-Conscious Athletes

6 Healthy(ish) Refreshing Summer Cocktails for Booze-Conscious Athletes
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Real talk: you know we're cautionary about booze. While there are no hard and fast rules as to how much alcohol you can consume while you're training, just know that it's generally not a good idea. Too much alcohol can mess with your sleep quality, muscle recovery, blood circulation, hydration and so much more. If you're trying to get fitter, faster and stronger, skip it.

That said, if you're popping a cold one once in a while (because even Spartan Warriors need to unwind!) that's a different story than a daily drinking practice. While non-alcoholic brews are moving into the mainstream, and superfood mocktails are a solid placebo, there are also some cocktails that are healthier than most. We're talking: low in calories, no added sugar, antioxidant benefits, bonus ice cubes and more. So with that in mind, we asked our Spartan Pros and SGX coaches for their favorite, healthy(ish) go-to cocktail recipes.

As you celebrate summer's holidays, muscle through quarantine, and sign up for future Spartan Races, opt for one of these skinny, bold-in-flavor adult beverages if you do indulge.

Low-Calorie Cocktails —Healthy(ish) Recipes for Athletes, by Athletes

1. White Wine Spritzer

TRY IT: From Spartan Pro Faye Morgan 

WHY SHE LOVES IT: "It's my go-to athlete cocktail that has kept me sane through this lockdown, and even throughout my training season. It has just the right amount of alcohol but also the water actually helps cancel out any of the dehydration I might feel from the wine. Super refreshing!"

MAKE IT: Pour 6 oz of your favorite white wine and add a couple of ice cubes. Then splash any flavor of sparkling water, add a twist of lime or orange, and sip away.

white wine spritzer

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2. The Radler

TRY IT: From Spartan Pro David Dietrich 

WHY HE LOVES IT: "It's not really a cocktail, but cool nonetheless: "radler" literally means "cyclist" in German, and here in Austria/Germany you serve it to people who are supposed to stay sober, thus the name "cyclist"... I guess you can still ride your bike after."

MAKE IT: Mix one part light beer with one part lemonade. Stir and serve.

beer lemonade summer radler

3. Vodka Gimlet

TRY IT: From Spartan SGX Coach Kristofer Scott 

WHY HE LOVES IT: "I have always considered vodka to be a relatively clean burning fuel. Additionally, [with the right twist] it is pretty much flavorless. I prefer a squeezed lemon because it is refreshing and has less sugar than, say, orange juice or cranberry juice."

MAKE IT: Pour one shot of your favorite vodka over three ice cubes or crushed ice. Squeeze one lemon or lime for the juice and stir to mix. (Add a splash of water if you can't handle the hard stuff.)

vodka gimlet cocktail

4. Marfa Ranch Water

TRY IT: From Spartan Pro Alexandra Walker 

WHY SHE LOVES IT: "No sugar!"

MAKE IT: Roll the rim of your glass in salt and Mexican chili powder. Add ice cubes, and pour out a few fingers worth of cold Topo Chico sparkling water. Add one shot of your favorite tequila, garnish with a lime and stir to serve.

marfa ranch water

5. Skinny Marg

TRY IT: From Spartan Pro Imogen Cross

WHY SHE LOVES IT: "Forget the margarita mix and try this... I love this because it's super simple! I always used to think you needed margarita mix to make a margarita, but my fiancé proved me wrong. I'll never go back now."

MAKE IT: Add two shots of your favorite tequila, one shot of triple sec and the juice of one lime to a tumbler. Shake to mix, and serve over rocks.

skinny marg recipe

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6. Sparkling Strawberry Quarantini

TRY IT: From Spartan Pro Joanna Zukowska-Kaspryzk

WHY SHE LOVES IT: The strawberry puree is full of fiber and vitamins C and K. "Zzzilicious!"

MAKE IT: Mix one shot of your favorite vodka, two tablespoons of strawberry puree and a splash of freshly squeezed pineapple juice over crushed ice. Add two shots of your go-to sparkling wine. Mix again and enjoy.

strawberry quarantini cocktail


TRY IT: From our partner, Athletic Brewing Company

WHY WE LOVE IT: If you're just NOT into booze, we totally get it. But you don't have to stick to water—especially when there's a holiday to celebrate. Instead, take your sippers up a notch and kick back with a cold one. Our favorite go-to is the N/A Run Wild IPA: non-alcoholic, and brewed with a blend of five varieties of Northwest hops that carries just enough bitterness to overtake its malty undernotes. 

GET IT: ... while supplies last!

non-alcoholic IPA athletic brewing company

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