The Meal Service That Makes It Easy to Find Your Perfect Eating Plan

The Meal Service That Makes It Easy to Find Your Perfect Eating Plan
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Much like trying to decide which Spartan Race to conquer next—another Sprint, step up to a Super, or go wild on a Beast?—figuring out what meal strategy works best for you can bewilder. Keto, paleo or vegan? You can do your research, but ultimately, you won’t know until you try a plan yourself. One easy way to do that without embarking on supermarketing sprees and complicated meal planning? A meal delivery service, like Spartan’s official meal plan, Fresh Meal Plan. FMP offers loads of fresh, delicious meals, including keto, paleo and vegan options, delivered to your doorstep. Just pick the plan you want to test-drive, and tap your weekly meals or choose from a la carte ingredients to compose your own easy-to-prep breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Read on for more secrets to identifying the eating approach that will power your performance.  

How Long Do I Need to Test Each Plan?

The best approach to any new diet is to be mindful about what works well for you, and that requires taking notes, tracking your progress, and time. For a paleo or vegan diet, try a 30-day challenge. Considering keto? Give it 90 days, allowing your body a chance to adapt to ketosis (burning stored fat for energy). “Record how you feel, what you’re eating, your exercise, and also include markers such as sleep, mood, libido, and energy,” says Shawn Wells, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN. “Reassess weekly and at the end of 30 days, decide whether you want to keep going.” 

Is There a Food Rule That Applies to All 3 Plans?

Keto, paleo or vegan, the majority of your calories should be from whole foods. That means eating stuff that’s as close to its natural form as possible—fruits, veggies, meats, legumes, tubers, and nuts and seeds. Severely limit most processed foods, especially anything that comes in a box or sealed package.

But What if I Hate Cooking?

Prioritizing whole foods doesn’t have to mean spending forever in the kitchen. Again, this is where a good meal plan service like Fresh Meal Plan can help out enormously—simply select the eating approach you want to try, choose from delicious options featuring organic grains, fruits, veggies and protein, and just heat and eat.

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Help Me Decide What Plan to Try! 

We took a look at the three most popular eating plans that help Spartans reach their goals—keto, paleo, and vegan—and boiled down the basics of each. 

Keto Meal Delivery

Keep daily carb count at 30 grams or less, or 5 percent of total daily caloric intake Replenish your electrolytes by adding in magnesium and salt Get fats from natural sources and avoid processed fats. (If you’re vegan, ensure adequate fat from whole food sources.) Supplement with C8 MCT Oil and exogenous ketones

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Paleo Meal Delivery

Avoid processed grains or legumes Consume only natural sugars like fruit or honey Avoid most dairy Get fats from natural sources and avoid processed fats

Vegan Meal Delivery

Avoid all animal products Take supplements for nutrients you may be missing, like vitamin B12 Ensure adequate protein intake through plant-based protein Supplement with a plant-based omega 3 oil that’s algae-based

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