When She Learned the Truth About 'Diet' Soda, Her Entire Life Changed

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Hooked on sugar? How about "diet" sodas? Businesswoman Kara Goldin — the founder and CEO of Hint Water and the author of a new book, Undaunted — isn't afraid to admit that she fell for the advertising. For years, she believed that because it's called "diet," it must be good for you. When she stopped and decided to read the ingredients label, her journey to better health — both for herself and for others — began.

With a new outlook and drive, Goldin set the diet sodas aside and drank only water. The benefits to her health were immediate, but she found the taste boring after consuming full-flavored soda for so many years. So she invented Hint.

Starting and growing the business was extremely challenging. On this episode of the Spartan Up! podcast, she shares her story, previews her new book, and details some of the obstacles she has had to overcome to get where she is today. Plus, Goldin and Spartan founder Joe De Sena look at the food industry through an interesting lens. 

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Listen to the podcast in its entirety below.

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