Challenge Your Snacking Habits: Healthy Tips from Pro RDs to Max Performance & Recovery

Challenge Your Snacking Habits: Healthy Tips from Pro RDs to Max Performance & Recovery
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You pound pavement and lift like a pro—and yes, that's half the battle—but perhaps you still haven't nailed your nutrition. And who could blame you? Unless you're an elite athlete with RDs on speed dial, it's tough to know how to eat for your workouts to optimize performance. Whether your meals just aren't cutting it, or those extra lbs won't melt away, or you lack energy throughout the day, being improperly nourished could be the culprit.

In partnership with Gone Rogue Protein Snacks, which champions high-protein chips that work for you (not against you), we've created a four-part series to help you up-level your small-bites game: Challenge Your Snacking Habits. 

We share our top Spartan-approved, nutritionist-recommended snacking hacks to power you up so you can maximize your training efforts and stride out strong on race day. No. Matter. What. 

Challenge Your Snacking Habits

Never Snack Down: Are Small Bites Screwing You Over?

healthy snacks for athletes

Even with the healthiest of intentions, your small bites may not be serving your nutrition goals (or supporting your fitness regimen). Here's what to avoid so you can snack smarter, perform better and recover faster. Guaranteed. 


Stronger Than Yesterday: Kiss Empty Cals Goodbye & Revamp Your Pantry Like This

healthy snacks for athletes

Set yourself up for snacking success with these RD-approved tips to revamp what's in your kitchen—it starts with emptying your cupboards and scouring every single nutrition label. Think: the best snacks for endurance athletes, made easy. 


Power Your Performance: 2 RD-Approved High-Protein Chips + Guac Recipes for Cinco De Mayo

healthy snacks for athletes

Chock-full of healthy fats and vitamins and minerals, these fresh guacamole recipes from pro RDs will blow your mind, and become a staple of your summer BBQs and Cinco de Mayo festivities to come. Think: only fresh ingredients, plus a high-protein chip to take it next-level.

If You're Going to Eat Chips, It Better Be These

healthy snacks for athletes

If satisfying crunch is what you crave, this is the snack for you—fresh, never frozen white-and-dark chicken meat that's smoked, then air baked and boldly seasoned to perfection. So long, tortillas! Hello, to the best high-protein chips ever. 


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