3 Tastiest Mix-It Meal Recipes for Your Spartan Pup

3 Tastiest Mix-It Meal Recipes for Your Spartan Pup
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Feel a little stir crazy lately? Join the club. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already cleaned your house top to bottom, blended your remaining produce into a high-protein smoothie, crushed your daily workout, and blown through your to-do list like a champ. (Because, really, what else is there?) 

So if you’re running out of creative DIY ideas for quarantine, why not whip up a special dish for your pup? Yes, “cooking” for pets is totally on our radar. After all, one of our core principles to live the Spartan Way is eating a wholefood, healthy diet. And your healthy Spartan family includes your pup. (You wouldn’t buy non-organic, genetically modified, pesticide-laden produce for your apres-workout smoothie, right? Or feed your kids junk food day in, and day out. That's just gross. The same goes for what you feed your pup.) 

But to be clear, we’re not saying you have to Bobby-Flay a meal from scratch. In fact, quite the opposite. “It can be challenging to feed an appropriately-balanced diet when it is being created at home.” Instead, Dr. Abby Huggins, DMV in Atlanta, Georgia recommends a baseline of kibbled food to give your pet a solid nutritional foundation, and adding a supplemental “cooked” meal 1-2 times per week as a nice surprise for your pet. “This is where peppering in some of the home cooked or Mix-It-Meals can provide a nice addition and fun variety of high-quality ingredients to your pet’s routine.”

Pro Tip: Prioritize Animal-Protein, and Avoid Processed Fillers

When you’re shopping for heart-healthy pet food, you should know what ingredients to look for—and what to avoid. Just like you do in the grocery store, read the label. Dr. Huggins says some sort of animal protein should be listed as the first two ingredients in your pet’s food, and watch out for plant-based proteins or random grain fillers. “What I appreciate most about Nulo’s diets is their commitment to providing high levels of real meat, formulated with a high protein/low carbohydrate ratio to provide stable energy throughout the day and promote healthy, lean body conditions,” she says. “Look for high-quality ingredients and avoid fillers. These principles are how I feed myself and my family—and how I like my pets and my pet patients to be fed as well.”

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Ready to give gourmet-pup meal prep a go? Try these DIY Mix-It-Meal recipes for your pet—all animal-protein forward, chock-full of heart-healthy amino acids, minerals, and nutrients, and veterinarian approved. These quick, easy food combos pack a punch in nutrition, and take just a few minutes to whip up. (Today, your canine eats like a king, and they’ll love you for it. AROOOOOOO!

3 Healthy (Drool-Worthy) Pet Food Recipes

1. Lamb and Chickpea Kibble with Freeze-Dried Lamb Raspberries 

Hydrated with Free-Range Beef Bone Broth and Topped with Beef, Beef Liver and Kale

Consider bone broth a big bonus for your pup. “Bone broth offers a number of benefits thanks to its levels of glucosamine, chondroitin, glycine, gelatin, and phosphorus that can help support joint and gut health, among other things,” says Dr. Huggins. “I also find it very useful in ill pets who are not eating to encourage appetite and provide nutrition.” So snag that dog bowl, some measuring cups, your Mix-It-Meal Kit, and get cracking. 


⅛ C Freestyle High Meat Kibble Lamb & Chickpeas 

⅛ C Freestyle Freeze-Dried Raw Lamb Recipe with Raspberries

1 Packet Freestyle Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth 

½ Pouch Freestyle Beef, Beef Liver & Kale 


  1. Grab your bag of Lamb & Chickpea Kibble. Pour into your dog bowl. 
  2. Measure out your Freeze-Dried Lamb & Raspberries and sprinkle on top of the kibble. 
  3. Hydrate the meal with Beef Bone Broth. 
  4. Top it off with Beef, Beef Liver & Kale pouch. 
  5. Mix and serve. 


2. Salmon and Peas Kibble

Hydrated with Wild Salmon Bone Broth and Topped with Freeze-Dried Salmon and Strawberries

Salmon makes an ideal base for dog food as it provides Omega-3 fatty acids that help nourish their skin and coat, and support their internal gut health. So grab your dog bowl, a measuring cup and your Mix-It-Meal Kit and get cooking. (Don’t forget to lock your pup out of the kitchen so you can meal prep without them going nuts!)


¼ C Freestyle High-Meat Kibble Salmon & Peas

⅛ C Freestyle Freeze-Dried Raw Salmon & Turkey Recipe with Strawberries

1 Packet Freestyle Wild Caught Salmon Bone Broth 


  1. Measure out Salmon & Peas Kibble and pour into your pup’s bowl. 
  2. Sprinkle Freeze-Dried Salmon & Strawberries on top of kibble. 
  3. Douse the dish in Wild Salmon Bone Broth
  4. Mix and serve. 


3. Turkey and Sweet Potato Paté Combined with Turkey, Salmon and Chickpeas Paté

When it comes to keeping things simple, we’re pro paté, all the way. It takes two minutes to mash together, and doubles down on the nutritional benefits for your pup. 


⅛ C Freestyle Turkey & Sweet Potato Paté

½ Pouch Freestyle Turkey, Salmon & Chickpeas Paté


  1. Mix the two ingredients in your pet’s bowl. 
  2. Serve with love. 


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