5 Eggless Breakfasts That Will Snap You Out of a Rut

5 Eggless Breakfasts That Will Snap You Out of a Rut
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Most athletes treat breakfast as a non-negotiable, particularly if mornings include heaving sandbags or tires rather than merely running to the train like that guy next to you sweating through his shirt at 8 a.m. But the same boring smoothie or eggs on a plate can make even a Spartan hit a nutritional plateau. Try these high-powered eggless breakfast ideas to mix up your morning meal.

5 Eggless Breakfast Ideas for Athletes

1. Tofu

Still relegating this ingredient to stir-fry suppers? Don’t. Like eggs, it’s rich in protein, but tofu also provides fiber to boost satiety and keep your gut in check.

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“You can make a tofu scramble in no time and season it with your favorite spices,” Kelly Jones MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, says.

Add your pesto or hot sauce and have toast on the side for more fiber.

2. Quinoa

Complex grains are high in fiber and carbs that keep you alert and provide stamina. Have a quinoa breakfast bowl before your training session for immediate, sustainable energy (think: no carb crash) to fuel your performance. Quinoa reigns among grains for yet another reason: It’s high in protein. 

“Make a savory breakfast by mixing in pre-roasted veggies and top with a dairy or cashew cheese,” Jones says.

3. Oatmeal

Another carb-dense option, oats make for a satisfying breakfast with 5 grams of protein and fiber in a serving. Up your oatmeal game by adding chia seeds and blueberries to get more fiber and antioxidants, Jones recommends. Plus, putting some soy milk and a scoop of protein powder or collagen into your bowl can add even more protein (tastier than water, too). 

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4. Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon has all of the nutrients that you need to power your day.

“It’s rich in protein, healthy fats, and other vitamins and minerals, similar to eggs,” Jones says. 

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You’ll want to keep smoked salmon as a breakfast option all of the time, so stock your cabinet with canned salmon or salmon pouches. Pair it with avocado and add to whole-grain toast, crackers, or in a wrap.

5. A Cacao Powder Addition

A sprinkle of cacao in your oatmeal or smoothie delivers an insanely satisfying punch of sweetness. But it also has polyphenols, naturally-occurring antioxidants that reduce inflammation and improve cholesterol levels. This way, you can curb any cravings early in the day while also packing your breakfast with nutritional value.

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