How to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

How to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated
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Can Motivational Podcasts Get You Motivated?

Do you need help getting motivated? And help to stay motivated? Listen to one of Spartan's motivational podcasts from Dr. Lara Pence.

But beware, this podcast alone won't get you motivated. As Dr.L explains, only action can get you off the couch and feeling motivated.

In the podcast, Dr.L explains how we often wait to get started on projects or activities until we are motivated. But the ‘I’ll start when I’m motivated’ is leaving us stuck and stagnant. That’s because it’s momentum that builds motivation—not being still. Listen to the full podcast to unlock your potential.

Stillness stifles. Momentum motivates.

How can I stay motivated? It's not about motivational quotes or even motivational podcasts. Action is where the magic is, no matter what your motivation definition happens to be. Momentum builds motivation. Stillness stifles.

So, don't wait for motivation like you're waiting for the muse to visit you. Take a hard look at what you want to accomplish and figure out at least one single, concrete to do that will move you forward toward realization of the goal. It can be small. It can be making a call to commit to working out with a friend. Or downloading a workout plan and printing it out. Do one thing to move in the right direction toward the goal and let the power of momentum begin to seep in.

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