Why Most People Don't Succeed... and How to Beat the Odds

While most would have quit after repeatedly getting cut from teams, Dre Baldwin refused to give up on his basketball dreams. This episode of The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena breaks down Baldwin's incredible journey from benchwarmer to pro, despite countless setbacks along the way.

True success stories are few and far between, but why is that? Why is finding true, fulfilling success seemingly so difficult for most people? 

On this episode of The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena podcast, performance coach and former international professional basketball player Dre Baldwin shares how he maintained an unstoppable motivation to improve day after day by constantly problem-solving new approaches. It takes a highly specific mindset to achieve big goals, and Baldwin discloses how to work with others who are truly ready to put in the effort.

This podcast episode is a must-watch source of inspiration and practical advice on overcoming obstacles through grit and determination.

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