How to Be a Mentor, Instill a Strong Work Ethic in Yourself and Your Kids

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How are you continuously sharpening the tools in your toolbox, as a professional and as a human? 

On this episode of The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena podcast, Spartan's CEO interviews TeamSnap CEO Pete Frintzilas, who shares how facing challenges as a child of immigrants built his resilience and success.

Plus, Frintzilas gives a lesson on effectively instilling a strong work ethic in kids without spoiling them, and discloses how continuously learning and seeking guidance from mentors can empower you to overcome obstacles.

If you're ready to start prioritizing your career early, developing an unbeatable work ethic, and accelerating your success from scratch, listen to the podcast in its entirety below, then sign up for a 2024/2025 Spartan event!

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