How to Define Your Values, Lead Profoundly and Actualize Your Potential

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If you want to fulfill your full potential – professionally, socially, or physically – first you have to decide who it is that you want to be.

Being a leader requires having strong, unbreakable personal values, so defining your values is a crucial step on the road to become a profound leader. The ancient Greek philosophers set one of the best real-life examples of this in history, so what can their words teach us?

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On this episode of The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena, Optimize founder Brian Johnson shares the ancient wisdom behind reaching your highest potential through using pain as a source of joy, having emotional stamina, living for something greater than yourself, being willing to fail, and much more. 

Listen to the podcast in its entirety above, then commit to something HARD — a Spartan or Tough Mudder obstacle course race, a lengthy Trail race, a DEKA functional fitness event, a HIGHLANDER hiking adventure, or any other HARD event — to start leading profoundly this year.

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