This Is the Year of Transformation, and We Want to Hear YOUR Spartan Story

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We’ve been saying it for years, but it bears repeating with a new year underway: Spartan is about much more than obstacle course races, plant-based diets, and burpees. (Yes, we do love all of those, and urge you to incorporate them into your daily routine.) Spartan, at its core, is about transformation, about changing lives, about becoming a new person.

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing and hearing how Spartan helps people become better human beings. And make no mistake: We hear lots of stories. So many, in fact, that we’ve had trouble telling them all. This year we plan to change that. This is the Year of Transformation for Spartan, and we want to hear your story. This year is about you.

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From now until the end of 2020, we’re going to tell 2,020 Spartan transformation stories that will keep you inspired, motivated, and believing. No transformation story is too small. Whether you’ve lost 300 pounds or have gone 100 days without oversleeping, we want to hear about it. Each week, we’ll feature a new story highlighting a Spartan transformation. Want to share your story? Post your photos and videos — we LOVE photos and videos! — on our Instagram page and include the #SpartanTransformation hashtag, or submit your stories on our Spartan Transformation homepage (coming soon).

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You’ve already sent us over 8,000 transformation stories, and we’ve picked out some of our favorites to get you in the transformative spirit. We can’t wait to see yours! Happy New Year and Happy Transformation!

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Today I’m traveling to Tampa for a jam packed week of work & racing. As I settled into my seat on the plane, all I could think about was how amazing it is to comfortably fit into a seat in coach. A few years ago, I could barely clasp the seat belt and was afraid of someone sitting next to me for fear of disgusting them because my fat wasn’t nicely contained in my spot, I spilled over. Then I start scrolling through Facebook and I see a memory pop up from two years ago comparing my six month weight loss obviously it was time to update that comparison! Fate was speaking to me - today is now “way to go Wednesday!” Obviously there’s a big physical difference, but those who know me, know there’s more than meets the eye. My internal transformation can’t be measured, but if you look closely at the faces before and after, you might just catch a glimpse of it. THAT girl faked a smile and hid her depression. THIS girl is truly happy. THAT girl lived a life that she thought made others happy. THIS girl lives an authentic life. THAT girl did everything by herself, afraid to ask for help. THIS girl found her tribe and knows it’s ok to lean on them. THAT girl was quiet and shy. THIS girl is full of life. THAT girl worried about health issues and getting old. THIS girl is younger than ever and has never felt so good! I remember being that girl, and I’m proud of her decision to change her story. If I could go back in time and have a conversation with her, there’s so much I would say. But that’s a story for a different day.... ***The first pic is what popped up, I added the second because that was my first Spartan (Aug 2017) and I kinda like the fire jump to fire jump comparison 🤪 #transformationinprogress #phoenixrising #fitover40 #spartantransformation #spartan40 #legionofmud #girlonfire #levelingup #cantwaittoseewhatsnext #changeisinevitable #growthisoptional #choosehappy

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@msnorcal battled through addiction & tragedy but through Spartan came out a warrior! -- "My whole life I battled with weight issues. I turned to drugs at 18 thinking it would help manage those issues. In 2004, I lost my grandmother to suicide, my best friend was murdered, and a women ran in front of my car when I was driving along the highway & committed suicide. I spun out of control but I finally started getting a grip on life, or so it appeared that way. Life came crashing down on me again. I received the news that my father was killed by a drunk driver. I numbed the pain with drugs & alcohol. Finally, I got clean. In the process I gained 100 lbs. I tried everything I could to lose the weight, & eventually received weight loss surgery. It saved my life. I did my best not to drink, but eventually I gave in & again… I found myself losing myself. I got tired of losing myself to substances. I got help & decided I was going to dedicate myself to getting sober & getting healthy. At my heaviest of 300 lbs, I couldn’t finish a 5k walking, let alone tackle a Spartan. I had to commit to this to prove to myself I could finish & I wasn’t the person I was before. So I started reading “Spartan Up”, training, & found other Spartans who believed in me. I signed up for the Monterey Super in June of 2018. When I finished, I understood the saying “You’ll know at the finish line.” A new spark of life & accomplishment hit. On April 14th, 2019, I ran the Seattle Sprint, in honor of my friend that was murdered. The feeling of accomplishment when I finish a race is like no other. Every race is different and tests me physically, mentally & spiritually. The people I meet along the race are so amazing & encouraging. I’ve made lifelong friendships because of Spartan. My life is so rich & full now. I feel incredibly blessed to have found Spartan. I can truly say it has helped change my life, one obstacle at a time. I have so much gratitude to those I have met & who have supported me & I hope that I can support & encourage others just as they have for me. Today, I am down 140 lbs, I’ll be 2 years sober in June, & I am a Spartan Woman." #Spartan #Spartantransformation

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