The Edge, Ep. 2: Squeezing Every Opportunity out of the Same 24 Hours

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The majority of people aren’t willing to do what it takes to find success. They’re willing to push themselves and work hard, but they stop there. Others forge forward, enduring whatever mental and physical obstacles appear before them. Some refer to this point between comfort and discomfort as one’s breaking point. We call it "The Edge," and it’s where our story begins.

The Edge, presented by Lexus, profiles three Spartans who are used to living in the discomfort zone. We’ll learn what makes them tick, how they train, and — most importantly — how they venture past "The Edge" to find success where others don’t.

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On the second episode of The Edge, Marissa Theofanides shows us how she takes the term "super mom" to another level. The Edge seems insurmountable … until you conquer it.


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