WATCH: Team Jenner Edges Kardashian Sisters in Malibu Beach Backyard Spartan Course

WATCH: Team Jenner Edges Kardashian Sisters in Malibu Beach Backyard Spartan Course
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Spartan races are known for taking place in some of the most scenic, challenging, and epic locations in the world. But on season 20 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we added “luxurious beachfront backyard” to that list of venues. In the third episode of the season on the E! network, the Kardashian and Jenner sisters decided that a family obstacle course face-off was the tiebreaker they needed to finally stomp out years of Jenner-on-Kardashian trash talk. 

The competition began brewing during a Kardashian versus Jenner volleyball game on the estate of a seven-bed, 10-bathroom Malibu beach house, where the family had been quarantining. Kendall and Kylie Jenner — daughters of Olympic decathlete Caitlyn Jenner — believe they are genetically predisposed to athleticism, and it makes Kim and Khloé Kardashian's blood boil.

“We are not genetically gifted, but we have fought harder to be athletes, to work out, to have a routine,” Khloé said.

“We are the true athletes here,” Kim chimed in.

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Even after multiple volleyball losses, Kendall doubled down on her claims of superior athletic ability, reinforcing that both her and Kylie grew up with Olympic genes. So Kim upped the competition.

“What we need to do instead of having this one-off volleyball game is an obstacle course challenge,” Kim said. “The Kardashians versus the Jenners. Like a serious race. We can literally have, like, a Spartan obstacle course set up in our backyard.”

So that’s exactly what we did. It was time to test if Olympic genes translate to Spartan victory.

Spartan Race, Malibu Beach Backyard-Style

kardashian jenner obstacle course

Led by Spartan Director of Training Sam Stauffer, the celebrity beach backyard got the total Spartan overhaul, complete with a Low Crawl, a Dunk Wall (though it was less muddy than your traditional Dunk Wall — it was in the pool), the Spear Throw, 4-foot walls, an Inverted Wall, a Slip Wall, and a Hercules Hoist finisher. And to make up for a lack of running — you know we had to make it harder — each sister started their race at the base of over 50 steps, which lead up to the house from Paradise Cove Beach.

Unfortunately, Kylie came down with a sinus infection and Kim dropped out just seconds before the race's start due to excessive knee pain following a cyst burst. The final roster consisted of Kourtney and Khloé against just Kendall — a true Kardashian versus Jenner moment. 

“It is extra pressure now that Kylie’s not here,” Kendall said. “But if I win, then it just proves my point further … So I cannot wait to just show everyone up.”

With all three sisters decked out in red and black Spartan gear (red for Team Jenner, black for Team Kardashian) from head to toe — including our unbreakable RD PRO shoes — Khloé kicked off the competition, followed by Kendall and Kourtney, racing one by one for the fastest time.

“These obstacles are a lot more legit than I sort of anticipated them being,” Khloé said. “I am intimidated, but I feel like I still got this. I’m gonna kick ass.”

Who Came Out on Top?

kardashian jenner obstacle course

With Kim cheerleading from the sidelines — chanting, “We might be old, but we’re going for the gold!” — Khloé clocked in at 2:48 after opting out of the Inverted Wall because she had long nails that she was unwilling to break. Instead, she took a 15-second time penalty (a better deal than the traditional 30-burpee sanction, huh Spartans?) 

Kourtney — standing just 5-foot-1 — struggled on the Inverted Wall, pushing her finishing time to 2:39, and Kendall, who hit the Spear Throw on her first shot, came in at 2:25, just 4 seconds faster than Kourtney.

“That was crazy,” Kendall said. “That was honestly the most energy I’ve ever exerted in my entire life. But I feel good … I just beat my Kardashian sisters. We proved a point here today.”

Kendall proved that her grandiose claims of superior genetics — and her comparably lengthy limbs — may have given her an edge, and the Kardashian sisters MAY have even finally accepted defeat.

“Kendall deserves it,” Kim said. “She did the best. We’re not haters. And I would have won, had my knee been fine. So, we already know that.”

We might have to hold Kim to her claims some time on a full race course, in a rematch fit for Spartans — and Kardashians.

Watch the full family Spartan showdown, in its entirety, here.

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