When in Vermont | Unbreakable CEO EP. 04

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Presented by USANA

It's been more than 30 days that Joe, his family, friends, and crew have been quarantined at the farm in Vermont. They're finally getting into a groove, but it's starting to take a toll. Joe continues to connect with customers, strategize with partners and fight to bring his staff back from furlough. In the midst of it all, an idea to host a 24-hour virtual race takes on a life of its own and starts to solidify the thought that Spartan races may be coming back sooner than Joe was anticipating.

Watch first-hand accounts of the sacrifice, the battles, and the triumphs that make up this arduous sport and which consumes its dedicated athletes day in and day out. Through in-depth, intimate race and behind the scenes coverage, Elite Spartan racer Jon Albon will journey across 3 continents on his quest to achieve the unimaginable.

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