Spartan Partners With Fountain Life to Proactively Boost Athletes' Longevity

Spartan Partners With Fountain Life to Proactively Boost Athletes' Longevity
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Fountain Life, founded by a group of innovators such as Tony Robbins, is on a mission to transform the current healthcare system to a structure that is both proactive and data-driven. By enabling individuals to boost longevity and catch and treat illnesses earlier, they can extend not only your life span, but your health span. 

Fountain Life uses artificial intelligence (AI) to collect data, gain insights, and detect illnesses including cancer, cardiac, metabolic, and neurodegenerative disease early, before they can cause harm. Patients can access cutting-edge precision diagnostics such as the AI Coronary Artery Scan, the Gut Microbiome Analysis, the DEXA Bone Density Scan, an AI-equipped, full-body MRI (all hugely beneficial for athletes), and more.

Spartan Partners With Fountain Life to Provide Unmatched Access to Unbreakable Pass Holders

fountain life precision diagnostics equipment

Spartan has partnered with Fountain Life to recognize the commitment that Unbreakable Pass holders have made to improving their health — not only over the next year, but over the next decade. As such, Spartan will allocate up to $3,000 of the money that Unbreakable Pass holders have spent toward their Pass and apply it toward a Fountain Life APEX Membership. (Note: The last day to purchase an Unbreakable Pass on our site will be Jan. 31, 2023, so don't miss out!) Unbreakable Pass holders will be able to join the program immediately, at Fountain Life’s locations in Westchester, New York; Naples, Florida; and/or the company's new facilities in Lake Nona, Florida and Dallas, Texas.

What can you expect with a Fountain Life APEX Membership?

  • Full-Body MRI With AI
  • DEXA Bone Density Scan
  • Determine Your Biological Age
  • Gut Microbiome Analysis
  • A Dedicated Fountain Life Healthcare Coordinator 
  • AI Coronary Artery Scan
  • Four Executive Blood Panels (and Four Result Reviews)
  • Early Cancer Detection Test
  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Heart Monitoring Analysis
  • Access to a Fountain Life Concierge Physician 

The only side effect to this partnership is living a longer, healthier life. To learn more about Fountain Life, visit their website and purchase an Unbreakable Pass to get unlimited access now!

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