Friendly Competition Platform Lucra Sports Partners With Spartan Race

Friendly Competition Platform Lucra Sports Partners With Spartan Race
Presented by Spartan Training®

Spartan has announced that Lucra Sports will be an official partner of Spartan for the remainder of the 2022 U.S. season. 

“As both a professional sport operating in 30+ countries and one of the world’s largest mass participation fitness communities, Spartan Race is the perfect event for a little friendly competition,” says Ian Lawson, Spartan’s VP of Global Partnerships. “Via the Lucra Sports app, Spartans and fans can now challenge their friends on race outcomes or fun prop bets and put real skin in the game.

"We are so excited to have Lucra choose Spartan to help launch their platform, and we look forward to all of the competition, content, and bragging rights that will be created and shared as a result of this partnership.”

What Is Lucra Sports?

Lucra is a social platform that allows friends to compete against each other for real money. The product allows fans of friendly competition to challenge each other on the recreational games they play — fitness challenges, golf, cornhole, video games, etc. — and the professional sports they watch (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, PGA, soccer, tennis, etc.). Lucra allows its users to compete with their friends in a social, safe, and trackable way, creating a digital record of all your friendly wagers.

The Spartan community can expect to see, and will have access to, a new social platform that hopes to make race day even more fun and competitive. Lucra Sports will have an activation presence on-site at eight races, and will offer custom challenges to Spartan racers, enticing them to beat average times or compete against one another to win cash and other prizes.

The Mission: Redefine Friendly Competition

The partnership with Lucra Sports includes integration on Spartan’s digital platforms and social media accounts. Additionally, Lucra Sports will serve as the presenting Partner for the Southern California and Oracle Park races in 2022.

“Together, Lucra and Spartan are redefining friendly competition,” says Lucra Chief Strategy Officer Michael Madding. “This partnership is born out of our mutual desire to make race day more exciting, more social, and more competitive. Lucra hopes to fuel each racer’s drive to compete, to win, and to (humbly) brag. Think you’re going to beat the average race time? Prove it, and win real money on Lucra. Who’s up to the challenge?”