Decathlon of Functional Fitness, DEKA, Partners with Leading Wearable Tech solution Myzone

Decathlon of Functional Fitness, DEKA, Partners with Leading Wearable Tech solution Myzone
Presented by Spartan Training®

Official “Wearable Fitness Belt and Heart Rate/Fitness Strap Partner” of DEKA US to Activate at Events and Affiliated Fitness Clubs Across the Country

BOSTON, Mass. (September 1, 2021) – DEKA FIT, the decathlon of functional fitness for all levels which was recently launched by endurance sports leader Spartan, has signed a multi-year agreement with Myzone, designating the leading wearable tech solution as the official “wearable fitness belt and heart rate/fitness strap partner” of DEKA US. 

“DEKA is the ultimate fitness test for athletes of all levels, and it’s important for them to measure and track their effort levels vs. maximal heart rates for optimal training performance, which is why we’re excited to partner with Myzone,” said Jarod Cogswell, DEKA’s Co-Creator and Senior Director. “As our athletes push their limits, Myzone’s wearable tech provides objective and measurable outputs to gamify fitness, help gain a competitive edge in the DEKA Arena and allow them to connect with others on the same fitness mission.”

The partnership will see Myzone activations at DEKA gym affiliates and events across the globe, where the Myzone MZ-3 physical activity belts and MZ-Switch physical activity tracker will be available for purchase. The products will also be available on

Members of DEKA’s Gym affiliation program, where athletes train and participate in local events, can purchase the Myzone platform licenses and belts, which gamifies workouts and rewards efforts with an immersive fitness experience. The platform is currently implemented in 7,500 fitness clubs in 84 countries.

“As one of the premier global wellness brands, Spartan is known for motivating everyday athletes to achieve their very best,” said Mike Leveque, CEO – Americas for Myzone. “It is a natural progression for Spartan to introduce the DEKA gym affiliate program to deliver high quality Spartan themed training to health clubs around the world. With this partnership, DEKA programming, together with Myzone’s intensity-based platform, will ensure that each athlete receives an efficient and personalized session every time they train.”

ABOUT MYZONE Myzone is a unique wearable fitness brand that rewards effort rather than ability, motivating its users to feel good about exercise and work harder. Myzone uses inclusive, game-based mechanics and social elements to build communities together on the Myzone app. Myzone creates personalized zones for each user, based on their maximum heart-rate, which means anyone can compete together on a level playing field.

Myzone develops accurate wearable technology, to provide engaging and motivational experiences, which support behavior change to make exercise habits stick. Myzone is used by 2 million people and already represented in over 7500 facilities in 84 countries. 

ABOUT DEKA DEKA provides training with a purpose, gamified programming and emphasizes celebrating fitness. DEKA testing and events combine ten functional training zones. The three DEKA events include: DEKA FIT (5K of total running), DEKA MILE (1 mile of total running) and DEKA STRONG (no running).  “DEKA Zones” include movements such as lunges, rowing, pushing and pulling a tank, dead ball wall overs and RAM burpees.

DEKA is also on a mission to fully support the fitness industry and provides fitness operators unique benefits to boost revenue, membership sales, member retention and promote exercise adherence through gamified programming. DEKA gym affiliates provide training, programming and are also hosting memorable fitness events for their members and surrounding communities.