Athletic Brewing Expands Partnership with Spartan into Canada and the UK

Athletic Brewing Expands Partnership with Spartan into Canada and the UK
Presented by Spartan Training®

Leaders in Nonalcoholic Craft Brewing and Endurance Sports Join Forces to Improve the Health and Wellness of Adults Across the World

BOSTON, Mass. (April 8, 2021) – Leading nonalcoholic craft brewer, Athletic Brewing, has renewed its partnership with Spartan®, maintaining its designation as the “Official Nonalcoholic Beverage” of the world’s leading endurance sports and wellness brand. The multi-year renewal agreement also sees the partnership expand beyond the US, into Spartan race markets in Canada and the UK, where Athletic is now also being sold.

“Spartan and Athletic Brewing share a passion for health, wellness, and innovation, and we’re excited to renew and expand our partnership beyond the US,” said Ian Lawson, Spartan’s Vice President of Global Partnerships. “For two years, our community in the US has embraced Athletic Brewing’s signature craft brews as part of their clean, healthy lifestyles. It’s become a favorite for race training and post-race celebrations, and we know Spartan athletes in the UK and Canada will enjoy its natural ingredients and exceptional taste, free of the side effects of alcoholic beverages as they get back to racing this year.”

Athletic shifted the nonalcoholic beer category, which hadn’t seen any innovation in decades, to pioneer the athletic beer segment by making great beer that just happens to be nonalcoholic. Its flagship brews are made from traditional all-natural brewing ingredients, and are high in potassium, calcium, magnesium, with naturally occurring electrolytes. At only 50-70 calories, these beers won’t derail racers’ training or recovery. Athletic beers fill a large void for people who live active lives who have been thirsty for high quality and flavorful brews that just happen to be nonalcoholic, but don’t compromise their health and wellness goals. 

“When we started Athletic, we were told that there was no demand and would be no interest from drinkers for a beer like Athletic. Since then, demand has skyrocketed, the craft nonalcoholic beer category grew over 300% last year alone,” said Athletic Brewing Co-founder Bill Shufelt. “Our renewed partnership with Spartan validates our belief that we can expand the traditional beer-drinking occasions and reach consumers who are seeking to live healthy, balanced lifestyles without compromising on training hard, performing well and socializing with friends.”

 About Athletic Brewing International Beer Challenge 2020 “Brewer of the Year North America”, Athletic Brewing Company is reimagining beer for the modern, active adult. Their great-tasting athletic craft brews let you enjoy the refreshing taste of craft beer, without the alcohol or the hangover. You can enjoy them anytime, anywhere, and still be healthy, active, and at your best; it’s the very reason they started brewing them in the first place. With custom breweries on the East and West coasts, their lineup has earned accolades throughout the industry, even against full-strength beers, including the 2020 World Beer Award Gold medal for Run Wild. To top it all off, as part of the Athletic Brewing “Two for the Trails” initiative, 2% of all sales are donated to causes and organizations that support healthy, outdoor, active living.

Whether you've decided to cut alcohol out of your life for good, for a night, or for just one drink, Athletic Brewing Company provides an option without compromises that you’re guaranteed to enjoy.