Single Leg Push-up: Workout of the Day Featured Exercise

Single Leg Push-up: Workout of the Day Featured Exercise
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The secret to every push up is a stable core. One’s ability to keep their hips in line with their shoulders while they move to the floor and back is solely dependent on your glutes, your abdominals, and your spinal stabilizers. For those who find it difficult to keep their hips from dropping with the movement, you want to spread your feet wide. The wider your feet and/ or your arms, the more stable your base of support is. So what about those who find a push up pretty easy? Try it with one leg.

A single leg push up is one of the most challenging variations for the basic push up. The only possible way to complete this movement is with a proper stability from your feet up through to your head. Every muscle in your body must be able to fire in one to lift yourself. Its tough for the most trained of Spartans.

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How To Perform the Single Leg Push Up

Begin in your high plank position. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders with your feet hips distance apart. Gently lift one foot into the air, making sure that you do not roll that hip open. You ideally want to keep your shoulders and hips square towards the ground. Squeeze your glutes and draw your navel into your spine. As you lower your body towards the ground, point your elbows in the direction of the corners of the room. Once you have reached your optimal depth, exhale and press yourself to the starting position. Make sure to alternate legs in between sets and/ or repetitions to create a symmetrical body.

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