The Best Gear to Crush Your Winter Workouts

The Best Gear to Crush Your Winter Workouts

Gear up for every race, HIIT session, and trail run this winter with our unbreakable cold-weather gear. We’ve got you (and every Spartan you love) covered with exercise essentials featuring the best in compression, ventilation, breathability, technology, and more. Cash in on our insane Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals all month long in the Spartan Shop.

At last, our favorite season is here and we’re psyched. (Winter? Yes, really.) 

Here’s why: It’s prime training time outside. As trails harden and forecasts threaten snow, our plummeting temperatures and shorter days drive people (read: softies) indoors. And thank goodness. To dedicated Spartans braving dark mornings for frigid workouts, this means one thing only — more miles and mud for us. AROO!

Plus, studies show that cold-weather workouts can boost your metabolism and torch fat, and that being outdoors makes you a happier, healthier person. Every time you push yourself in gritty, even nasty, conditions, Mother Nature reminds you you’re alive. (There’s nothing better than that.)

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The key to optimal winter workouts, though? You must be dressed for them. Chilly temps and unforgivable conditions can force even the best, but least prepared, OCR athlete to cut things short. That’s where well-ventilated reflective fabrics, trail shoes with unbeatable traction, and indestructible technical layering tactics will keep you comfortable when the weather outside is anything but. 

So suit up and demolish your winter workouts with our favorite gear to enter 2022 stronger, fitter, and more unbreakable than ever. (Hint: These also make killer holiday gifts. Just sayin’.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: All of the gear featured below is available in women’s, too, in the Spartan Shop

Best Winter Workout Gear for Serious Athletes Who Never. Give. Up. 


Lumen Fleece Hat

Take bundling up to the next level with the Lumen Fleece Hat. When temps dip below 50 degrees, you’ll be grateful for its soft jersey fabric that keeps heat in as you work out. Perforated reflective fabric at the front alerts oncoming traffic to your presence on the road, and a lightweight snug fit is comfortable for miles. 

Lumen Fleece Headband

Similar to the Lumen Fleece Hat, perforated reflective fabric enhances your visibility and keeps you safer while you run, bike, and cross-country ski. Its breathable upper allows for lots of ventilation while still warming your ears, making this a solid go-to for balmy days. 


Spartan RD Pro OCR Running Shoe 

The Spartan RD Pro by Craft has been used, abused, and refined to meet the harshest weather conditions and toughest obstacles without fail. Superior traction, reliable drainage, insane durability, and responsive cushioning merely scratch the surface of what this shoe is capable of. With a pair of these on your feet, you become superhuman. 

Spartan Nordic Fuseknit Hydro Mid 

For waterproof protection and all-terrain grip, the Spartan Nordic Fuseknit Hydro Mid is the crème de la crème. This trail running shoe can literally go anywhere. It’s ultra durable, super cushioned, and supports your feet always, from long road runs to the harshest trail workouts. 

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Lumen Urban Run Tight

Set out with confidence on your winter runs wearing the Lumen Urban Run Tight. Reflective detailing on your lower legs ensures you’re visible to cars, and warm polyester fabric allows for  breathability through your stride. Pull the internal drawcords tight to adjust the fit, and use the leg zippers for easy on/off access as you swap into dry clothes at the trailhead. 

Hybrid Vest

Every runner needs a vest in their cool-weather arsenal. Why? Winter runs over 35-40 degrees don’t really warrant a full jacket. The Hybrid Vest’s down padding and a high-necked design keep warmth in, but without sleeves to restrict your movement, it’ll quickly become your ally in variable temps. Plus, you can stash your keys or phone in the zippered side pockets, hassle-free. 

SubZ LS Wool Tee

A wool-polyester blend is crucial to every athlete’s next-to-skin layer because wool keeps you toasty while polyester wicks away sweat. Enter: the SubZ LS Wool Tee. In addition to these base layer basics, this essential tee features mesh panels at the back and sides to promote thermoregulation. Reflective detailing ensures you’re visible and thumb holes at the sleeves keep them in place. 

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